In Crowded Skies – What Happens Now?

One of the first things that I noticed about this album was the cover art and the cleverly designed insignia. The art work was done by Michael Gadsby.  The art is somewhat discerning for the character within, but at the same time seems to be reassured by his cloud of hope. You can find this very interesting and unique piece on the six track debut EP of In Crowded Skies called What Happens Now?

Coming out of Kent, England, this newly formed band consists of four members, Pete Herbert on vocals and bass, Matt Downes on drums, and Luke Martin with Shaun Taylor on guitars. The album was recorded by Matt Downes at the Communal Fridge studio and mastered by Jon Archer with Attic Area Audio.

Easing into the album with a short but melodic intro is, “Just Like A Burning Star Part I.” With this track, the listener gets a fair idea of what to expect, clear lyrics and quality instrumentals. The vocals begin to stand out on the second track, “It All Makes Sense.” I found the style to be slightly similar to that of Omar Rodríguez-López, but still distinctive.

The title track “What Happens Now?” has quite a wide range of tempo and ending in an almost lullaby. Possibly my favourite song on the album is, “Rewired.” It has a lot going on throughout and I found myself really grooving to it. The fifth track “Bridges” continues the pace of the album nicely with a continued unity of vocals and instruments. The last track, taking us full circle, is “Just Like A Burning Star Part II.” It starts off strong and by the end slowly fades out, the mirror of the intro.

All in all, perhaps a little light for my tastes (but hey, Nasum doesn’t even do it for me sometimes), I think they have done a pretty good job here of putting together an album that is catchy with a vivid flow of story and song. I’d give it 7/10.

Written by Joey Beaudin

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