Current and former members of The Banner, Swashbuckle, Suburban Scum, Summer’s End, Michale Graves, and More Announce Studio Project ATOMIC WEREWOLF

ATOMIC WEREWOLF is the collaborative studio project featuring current and former members of Swashbuckle, Suburban Scum, Summer’s End, Michale Graves, Johnny B. Morbid, Blitzkid, The Banner, Gotham Road, The Concubine, Beyond The Flesh & A Gathering Of None.

The band have released their first promotional video coinciding with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for the release of their first album.


This is the resurrection of an idea that Matt Ferri (Coffin Dust) & Carmen Ugaro (Johnny B. Morbid) had in 2008 which at that time had only lead to recording just one song called “Moon Half Empty.” The catalyst of this was when Josh Hansen (Summer’s End) reached out to Carmen in early 2015 expressing that he would look to put some sort of project together in the near future for the hell of it. Both Josh and Carmen reached out to some people who they saw fit the bill and once everyone was in agreement, Atomic Werewolf was reborn.

Please click here for the kickstarter page.

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