Da Beumb Project – Armwell to Farms


The latest full-length release by Montreal’s own Da Beumb Project, Armwell to Farms,is a solid 18-minute onslaught of sludgy strings, raucous rhythms, and crazed call-and-response vocals that’ll have you shouting at your speakers. Sensitive ears should abstain. But if you’re on this site to begin with, you’ll probably dig it.

Drummer/vocalist Patrick Meimari and bassist/vocalist Ludovic Boyadjian have been making music together since 2011, and this record feels like a natural progression and a step forward for them. That’s a long time to be making music together, and their vocal interplay, in particular, flows naturally as a result. While they label themselves as “punk,” Meimari and Boyadjian are starting to sound more like stoner or sludge, with elements of doom and black metal. It’s a departure from the eclectic, synth-fueled craze of 2016’s Flowery Twats EP, and even more so from their lo-fi, DIY punk roots.

Armwell to Farms is monotonous for sure, but it also rocks. The monotony lends itself well to a despaired aesthetic that is also present on their other releases. Monotony is almost a prerequisite when you’re playing in the same sandbox as Boris and Kyuss.

Opening track “So Much to Say” sets the album’s pace with punishing rhythms and catchy vocal melodies. The rest goes by quickly – all but two tracks clock in at less than two minutes! That’s OK, though, because the pacing and flow work well; it never feels like a random string of songs tied together haphazardly. This album is more than the sum of its parts! The chorus in “Running Fool” seems like what Incubus would sound like as a hard rock or punk band, because of its vocal harmonies. 

If you’re curious to learn more about this band, Bucketlist’s own Joey Beaudin reviewed their set as part of a three-band show in late January. Check out what he thought about it here!

This record was released independently on June 21, 2019, and is available on Bandcamp, in CD format and on streaming platforms.

Written by Henri Brillon
*Edited by Dominic Abate

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