Daikan – October Child

Daikan - October Child


Remember all that really sad 90s music? Like, the kind of down-tempo thing that would play at The Bronze whenever Buffy was in a bad mood? Ok, picture that, but with trap drums. That’s pretty much what Daikan’s latest release, October Child, sounds like. It’s pretty edgy.

It’s “rap” only by the loosest definition of the term, with vague allusions to personal romantic trauma superseding any sort of a fleshed-out tale. Although to be fair, that’s part and parcel with what hip hop is becoming these days; a thinly veiled emo revival.

The standout tracks on this thing, without a doubt, are the first two. “Wall Flower” in particular has a hugely infectious hook that will stay stuck for days inside the head of anyone who goes to parties and then thinks “why did I come to this party? I have a tv at home.” It’s pretty edgy.

“Indigo” is pretty awesome too, but that has a lot more to do with the oozing beat than it does with the vocal hooks, which ultimately fall a little bit flat.

Elsewhere, “Cry For Me” deals with that really annoying thing where someone is the worst but is also really into you but you don’t want anything to do with them because they’re the worst. The bridge refrain laments “I won’t call you when I’m done. I won’t call when you’re in town. All we did was mess around.” It’s pretty edgy.

Those are the memorable tracks. Everything else is great background music, and those who like a splash of sexy on top of a whole heap of melodrama will probably have a good time listening to this. Also, the cover art depicts a guy – presumably Daikan – with a properly bloodied up face and ruffled up clothing. It’s pretty edgy.

Written by Syd Ghan
*edited by Mike Milito

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