Dan Sugarman Releases “Mind Frame”

Dan Sugarman (alum, As Blood Runs Black), in collaboration with sixteen-year-old shred prodigy, Sims Cashion, just unleashed a stunning progressive guitartillery bombardment with “Mind Frame”.

Earlier this year, Dan Sugarman independently released his progressive metal debut, Centersun.

Now, Sugarman’s efforts are focused on a different phase of his solo career: Inside/Out, an entirely fan-funded release to be distributed one song at a time, exclusively through Patreon.

Every month, fans can donate to the project and receive specific perks. A portion of all proceeds go towards a charity of the Patrons’ choice.

“I’ve decided to call this track “Mind Frame”, since that is exactly what this song depicts. This one means a lot more to me than most songs because of what it signifies – I wrote it this song while waiting to get news about my mom’s health. Thankfully, all the news we received was positive – but I didn’t know that until I started tracking leads. You can imagine the contrast between canvas (rhythm) and paint (leads) because of that fact… Every single note reminds me of the emotion I went through in the past few weeks… and when the news came back more than positive, the release and relief that I found inside of this song is even more profound then before.”

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