Das Blankout – Everything Diamonds

Das Blankout, a rock and roll band from Montreal, Quebec, has released their latest album, Everything Diamonds, comprised of eleven tracks. The album is a fun ride the entire way through, packed with wonderful melodies and relatable lyrics. As soon as I pressed play, I had a smile on my face. I am a huge fan of this genre of music, and I am sure that I won’t be the last to enjoy this album from start to finish. The following tracks really struck a chord with me:

“Heads or Tails”, the album’s opener, is a great song with which to start off. The melody is extremely catchy and the guitar riffs are fun; I have no doubts that this song will be stuck in your head long after the CD stops playing. I found myself humming the melody while at work. This track really sets the tone for the rest of the album and will leave the listener wanting to hear more.

The second track, “Dividing By Zero”, is one to relate to. Whether you’re having a bad day or a bad couple of weeks, you’ll come to realize after hearing the lyrics to this tune that you’re definitely not alone. There is fear in maybe” and “All I want is to be at home” are lyrics that describe the longing one might have to be comfortable at home or otherwise and the desire to be at ease with one’s surroundings; these are sentiments I am sure to which many can relate. This a track that plays on normal human emotions which in my opinion, allows for a connection between music and audience. While it seems the band likes to keep things simple musically, they are able to engage the listener and welcome them to a world where they may feel less alone.

The most catchy song on the record is,  “Mister All Right”, the third track on the disc. This song showcases the vocals which I believe set the band apart from others. While some may classify the vocals as whiny, I believe the style suits the music perfectly. The tone heard on this track and throughout the album as a whole, is far different from what is heard these days on the radio for instance; the band’s sound definitely strays from that of the Taylor Swifts and Kanye Wests of the music industry. This song is easy to sing along to and would definitely get any crowd dancing. This is one of my personal favourite and I believe it could be a fan favourite as well.

The ninth track, “Figure It Out”, stood out for me as well. This is one of the band’s heavier songs, particularly when it comes to the guitars and drums. While the vocals do not stray from the style heard on previous tracks, this song does feature female backing vocals that are quite unique as well. In addition, the female voice gives a refreshing feel to the album as it blends with the heavier music. The consistency of the vocal performance by Matt Burghardt on this track, as well as throughout the entire album, is an attribute that I very much appreciate when it comes to the bands I listen to. This is a huge plus for Das Blankout in my books.

Generally speaking, this album brought to the table something we don’t see much of anymore – real music written by real people. There is no glitz nor glamour on this album, just real, raw music performed by people you’d cross paths with on the street. I really enjoyed this album and would happily recommend it to anyone looking to stray from the beaten path.

Written by Jessica Valiquette

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