Decadawn – Solitary Confinement

Upon my return from a break, I asked CEO Liz to assign an album for me to review without considering my musical tastes. She obliged, giving me Decadawn‘s Solitary Confinement. This album was released independently in early October and is the band’s first full length production.

According to their bio, this melodic death metal band was founded in 2001, is based out of Mascouche (an off-island suburb of Montreal), and consists of members Louis-Charles Tardy on vocals and guitars, Mathieu Groulx on drums, Pierre-Olivier Mérizzi on lead guitars, and Marc-André Sauriol on bass. They have built up a reputation and fan base since then, so I can imagine this album has been a long time in the making and highly anticipated. And, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

What I really enjoyed about the album was its discernible lyrics, solid riffs and fast blast beats – totally in the ball park of what I like to hear when it comes to death metal. At just over 55 minutes long, this really is a full length album, so I’ll just mention what some of the highlights were for me.

Track two, “It All Ends Today”, certainly stands out. There is a well produced video worth checking out. The video has a unique way of incorporating the lyrics which relate to one of the darkest places someone can be within their own psyche; teetering on the edge of suicide. By no means are they condoning such actions. Instead, they are empathizing with those who are struggling. At the end of the video there is a quote from JK Rowling about turning toward the light, and in the description of the video, they implore anyone who feels close to the edge, for any reason, to seek help, providing the suicide prevention hotline telephone number: 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

One of my favorite tracks is “Everblack.” I instinctively turned up the volume on this one. I believe it encompasses the strengths that these guys have as a band, great instrumental work and great coordination.

Track five, “Solitary Confinement”, is worth mentioning. It showcases what the band is capable of, and was a good choice for the title track. According to The Metal Archives, the track features Tomas Lindberg.

Another favorite of mine is “Hypochrist”. Great riffs and lyrics come together to stick it to the empire and those who try to dominate others. Lyrics for the entire album as well as their 2001 three-track demo can be found here.

I’m not sure who came up with the cover art, but it is very apt for the album and might just be the visual representation of madness. You can give it a listen on their bandcamp page, and I think you’ll agree that this album is a solid 8/10. Also visit their site or buy a hard copy of the album and other merch they have available here.

Written by Joey Beaudin

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  1. Great review !!

    tiny piece of trivia, Hypochrist was composed about a certain media empire mogul recently turned politician for the PQ, after he purchased a telecom company and locked everyone out for 362 days. (I would not dare name who he is 😉 ). The patrol he bought was a reference to the injunction he obtained preventing locked out employees from blocking scab workers from entering our workplaces 😉

    For those who have missed the previous two giveaways, the band is planning to give away the full album again for free at the exit of the Opeth / In Flames show on december 20th.

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