Deep Touch – Remedy


South African musical artist Deep Touch has released his latest scoop of electronic chill sounds, with his album Remedy

Assumingly speaking, the intention with this latest release is to hit some atmospheric points of interest, but the result seems to be flat. Any chillstep or atmospheric subgenre follower knows, even with the most relaxed soundtracks can come moments of excitement and deep interest. Remedy actually falls short of this, remaining in a frozen loop of the same ideas, but without growth or evolution. This is disappointing in a way that doesn’t really make me angry, but more bored and willing to skip through the album without paying much attention. Doesn’t bode too well if you’re trying to grab peoples’ attention with raw talent and unique sound. The lack of development seems to subside in very brief moments, like with “Back in the Day,” where there is more substance, but again we are found with no development leading to any form of climax. Every song has nearly the exact same composition. Without exploration, the artist risks not flexing his artistic muscles at all and losing any interest by listeners. There is also a slight lack of understanding in harmony work, like with “Strollin’” where there’s a clear uneasy feeling tied to clashing chord progressions.

Of course, there are some positives we can look at; relatively monotone and unchanging music can be used well for background music, such as in film and television. This isn’t to say that Remedy is a great work of wonderful art that’s just waiting to fly off the shelf and grab you right in the feels, but that some use can almost always come from something already existent. There’s a lot of obvious improvement to be done with Deep Touch’s work, but an artist’s journey is rarely ever a straight line.

Written by Talia Plante
*Edited by Dominic Abate

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