Depths of Hatred CD Release Party & Guests- Live at Petit Campus – October 17th, 2014 – Montreal, QC

Depths of Hatred CD Release Party - Oct. 17th 2014- Montreal, QC

Friday night I headed to Petit Campus for the first time to check out the CD release show from Depths of Hatred. I had no idea who they were, nor the majority of the opening bands, so I was in for quite a surprise.


The first band to play was a local one, Braebrook. They combine a bunch of different metal genres to create their own sound. I have to say, they definitely made a significant improvement since I last saw them in April. They were a lot tighter than before, and their music just sounded better overall.

After a brief conversation with vocalist Jesse Nasielski, I learned that he was sick. They started their set and it honestly did not show that he was; the vocals were fine and, if anything, they worked with the music they were playing. The best song they played that night was ‘Mariana’, mostly because of how much effort and emotion was put into it. Guitarist Benjamin Glover had some pretty good guitar riffs that sounded awesome; I really enjoyed them, but they were momentary only. I think some of the songs could have used more of these riffs as they would have changed the songs, making them more prominent.

They still put on a decent show, though. And I have to applaud Jesse’s perseverance, because I learned later on that he had broken his foot during their second song. Throughout the set, there was no indication that he was injured; he made no mention of it whatsoever and kept playing as if nothing was wrong. The show must go on no matter what, right?

Epiphany from the Abyss

Up next was a band called Epiphany from the Abyss, hailing from Quebec City. It was their first time playing in Montreal, and they said they were honored to be playing here for us. A friend of mine said that though they sound a lot like the band Beyond Creation, they have more originality.  The vocalist, Mathieu Dhani, had so much energy. For me, that was the most entertaining thing about their set. He was all over the place, singing his heart out.

From a musical standpoint, they are a great technical death metal band. What I enjoyed the most were the drum beats; there were a lot of blast beats and the use of triggers. Granted, the rest of the band does have quite some talent, but their performance wasn’t as enjoyable as I expected, probably due to their lack of movement and energy. It seemed as if the singer was the only one moving around.

Death Lullaby

Death Lullaby took the stage next, and I could tell they have quite a fan base built up. The crowd had significantly increased in numbers and the venue was filling up fast. I heard some good things about this band, so I was really excited to experience the hype for myself. It turns out that they played the best set of the night. They came out so strong and were so powerful, the energy radiating off of them was both phenomenal and contagious. Everyone was really getting into the music, including myself. The lead guitars were awesome; they have some great riffs that are rhythmic, catchy and fun to listen to. There’s so much potential in this band, I can see them possibly going somewhere in the future.

Depths of Hatred

And, finally, headliners Depths of Hatred came on, bringing great music to an even bigger and rowdier crowd. The show was to celebrate the release of their latest disc, Hellborn. These guys really had no problem getting the crowd interested. I wasn’t too keen on the vocals, but, aside from that, they played a pretty good set. Don’t get me wrong, the vocalist is good at what he does, it’s just not really the kind of vocals I enjoy. I did however, love the music. Some of it was a bit repetitive at times, but the talent of the band was definitely recognizable.

They were the heaviest band of the night, with fast and hard-hitting drumming, and melodic guitar solos that everyone seemed to love. They know how to put on a good show, and entertain the crowd with both their raw energy as well as their musical talent. Even though I didn’t like the vocals too much, I have to admit it flowed well with the music and without it, they probably would not have been the heaviest band there. Congrats to them for the release of Hellborn!

Written and Photographed by Shannon Fong  SLF Photography

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