Despised Icon & Guests – Live at Club Soda – December 13th, 2014 – Montreal, QC

‘Twas just another ideal December evening spent sitting by a fireplace, sipping on a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoying the company of loved ones… Wait, FUCK NO! On this night, your loved ones were your fellow attendees at a goddamned metal show! It was a great night for Montreal’s metal scene since four bands from our fair city were on the bill.  The guys from Extensive Enterprise worked their buts off all year to bring the best metal bands to the city we all love and they really didn’t fail with the return of Despised Icon!  Before I get to them, I will quickly go over the other bands that made this night memorable for the sold out crowd.

Of Temples-2
Of Temples

First to the stage was Of Temples who brought some downright technical deathcore to the forefront and had us on our heels throughout the duration of their performance.  The music was tight; this was evident when they played one of their older songs, “Acrimony”, and newer song “Subterfuge” from their latest album The Decline.  They finished their set with the title tracks of their album, “The Decline Part 1” and “Part 2”.  My only criticism is in regards to the lighting, which seems to be a common thing for ‘core bands… There were enough strobes to cause an epileptic person to have umpteen seizures. The band gets bonus points, however, for the coordinated dance they performed midway through the set.

Ion Dissonance-4
Ion Dissonance

The next band to play was ION DISSONANCE, fresh from the release of their first new song since their album Cursed in 2010.  Let me tell you, one thing hasn’t changed – this band is heavy as FUCK!  They were tight like a tiger and a joy to see perform.  Their singer Kevin McCaughey was craving energy on this night and fed off the slams and kicks from the pit!  Songs like “The More Things Change They Stay The Same” and “This is The Last Time I Repeat Myself” were definitely highlights for me.

Benneath The Massacre-3
Beneath The Massacre

The last of the opening bands was Beneath the Massacre, another technical deathcore band that were both tight and spot on.  We were really blessed with some amazing musicians on this night.  The guys from Beneath the Massacre were fast as fuck and downright silly with their talent.  I personally didn’t get the singer; for some reason the vocals just didn’t fit for me, but the crowd definitely dug it as bodies were flying throughout their set.  They had a great performance of their track “Comforting Prejudice”, celebrating ten years since it’s release.

Despised Icon-2
Despised Icon

It was finally time for the boys from Despised Icon to bring their ICONIC deathcore sound to the hollowed walls of Club Soda.  Before they hit the stage, there was already a huge circle pit forming in the centre of the room, sweat was pouring, and, soon enough, bodies would be flying. From the first note, we were in awe of this band. One may have wondered why the FUCK they ever decided to take a break.  It felt right that they were back on stage in Montreal.  I had seen them earlier this year at Rockfest, but here they were tighter and definitely on their game. Their performance of “All For Nothing” was just incredible; front men Alex Erian and Steve Marois where in sync and making sure the crowd was involved. Alex even got the crowd to yell out, “TARBARNACLE!”

So much can be said about the band that is credited for being the pioneers of deathcore, but it’s best we just leave it at this: Go see them, motherfuckers!  They are so fucking good!  Sorry for the potty mouth, Mom, but they really are fucking amazing… This was probably best show of the year!  Yes, that good!

Written and Photographed by Eric Brisson  Eric Brisson Photography

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