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Ottawa’s Destroy Clocks are an interesting band. In their bio, they write that they incorporate elements of jazz, doom, electro, and hardcore. That’s certainly the case on their Reanimalize record. It’s safe to say that their eclectic approach to the music works for the most part.

The first thing that stood out were the vocals by Nicole Lefebvre, who also handles keyboard duties for the band. She almost reminds me of a “punkier” sounding Shirley Manson, but with a unique and raw energy to her voice. Throw that in with some insanely great riffage by Kevin N. Hell, and precise and pounding drums from Jeff Willey, and you’ve got a tight sounding band who knows what kind of sound they want, and where they’re taking their music.

Truthfully, after the first two tracks, I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about the music. “Insect Party” kind of reminds me of a song The Police might play, if The Police were into playing hard rock, spacey jams. The second track “He Sez, She Sez” slows things down a little, and we’re treated to some dual vocals from Nicole and Kevin.

The band begins to truly shine when the third track “Raven” kicks in. The space and doom sounds that Destroy Clocks claim to incorporate into their music really start to come in, and boy, is it awesome. Not only do Nicole’s vocals really stand out on this track, but the entire band comes together to create something really unique. The good news is that the rest of the album continues to get even better.

“Snake” is probably my favourite track on the record. It’s a short, heavy, and fast tune, and it rules. There are moments in this song that made me think, “This is a metal track”…. “No wait, it’s a punk track”….. “No wait, it’s a hardcore track!” and that is precisely why I loved it.

And finally, the album ends slowly, but on a high note. “Divine Insanity” is a psychedelic, almost symphonic piece of music, and the song that convinced me that Destroy Clocks is a super talented band that’s only going to get better with every release. I love the fact that I can’t put them into any specific musical genre. They’re different, that’s for sure, but you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice if you skipped over them.

Be sure to check out Destroy Clocks when they play with No Joy on June 5th at House of TARG in Ottawa!

Written by Dominic Abate

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