Devours To Release New EP “Avalon” This May

Devours is the electronic pet project of Vancouver-based composer Jeff Cancade. His music is best described as ‘collage pop,’ in that it weaves together so many ideas, genres, and samples that it is best thought of as an abstract collage on blank canvas. In any given song, you could hear gregorian chanting, a 90’s pop song sample, a film quote, and deep, distorted guitars, to name a few.

Cancade began his career as a singer/songwriter in Montreal. He recorded lo-fi experimental pop music in his bedroom and self-released several full-length albums under a different moniker. After struggling to transcend the city’s music scene, he moved to Vancouver in 2010 and changed his focus to composing for film and television. He attended the Art Institute of Vancouver and began scoring for small projects and advertisements upon graduating.

Cancade began recording under the alias Devours in 2011. Desperate for a new creative outlet and needing an escape from commercial and corporate music, Devours became a project where anything and everything goes, and the weirder the ideas, the better. Cancade’s first release as Devours came in 2013 with the Dignity EP, and he soon followed it up with his full-length debut in 2014, titled 21st & Main. He opted out of touring for the album, as he landed a contract assisting award-winning composer Daniel Ingram, editing music for a television series.

On May 5, Devours will release Avalon, his new 5-song EP. This time around, Cancade has toned down the sampling and will step up to the microphone to take the lead. The vocals are in the forefront, and the lyrics, which touch upon intimacy, casual relationships, and loss of youth, have nowhere to hide. Plans for a tour have not been solidified at this point, but Cancade intends on performing as much as possible in Vancouver this summer.

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