Do Not Keep Politics Out Of Punk Rock (Or Any Music)

It has come to my attention that there are denizens of the society known as “social media” who believe that punk rock music (or music in general) and politics should be kept separate. How the fuck are we living in an era when there are actually people who think that punk rock and politics should be separate entities? Do you hear yourself? What did you think “God Save the Queen” was about? Have you just never heard “London Calling”? 

Art, as a reflection of the society around it, is inherently political. Music as a form of protest has been a thing for at least the last century, if not longer. In fact, there have been times when it has literally changed the world. Live Aid, anyone? And any time anyone seriously tries to censor music, the results are almost always a hilarious backfire. Are there any parents out there who still pay attention to parental advisory labels? If this is you, can I sell you a bridge?  

Who is this sheltered Karen avatar who thinks that music should always be safe and nice? I’d love to meet the person who can’t handle a Green Day song because the lyrics get too real. I’m picturing a sweater-vest-wearing stereotype so milquetoast they refer to Rage Against the Machine as “death metal.” The kind of person who likes Eminem for his “love songs” but hasn’t heard his lyrical tirades against every president who’s been in office since his career began, with the notable exception of Obama.

Seriously Chadwick, just because you couldn’t bother to muster yourself up an identity doesn’t mean your opinion that music should be as boring as the color beige on a Tuesday is in any way valid. Would you tell Gospel groups to stop singing about Jesus? How about rappers, would you tell them to keep their oppression to themselves? Would you tell country singers not to be proud of their homelands? You would, wouldn’t you? You are one sick fuck. What kind of bland, backwards, Imagine Dragons-ass world would we live in if we told musicians to keep their politics to themselves? 

Of course, the catch-22 here is that nobody who thinks that politics and music don’t go together will likely ever read this article, so I’m basically just yelling at nothing with words on a page. Which I think is so fucking punk rock. Keep protesting motherfuckers. 

Written by Syd Ghan
*Edited by Dominic Abate

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Syd Ghan is a Montreal media man, born and bred. After spending his formative years playing music on stages big and small across the city, he transitioned seamlessly into a career as a full-time writer, editor, and content manager. He has reviewed numerous bands both in concert and on record, written for a number of different blogs and online publications, been both a host and featured guest on various local podcasts and radio shows, and has even logged time judging live music competitions. In his spare time, he enjoys engaging in spirited debates over the finer points of pop-rock radio and he’s never met a chicken wing he didn’t like.

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