Doom Specialists Endless Floods Announce New Album “II”, Due Out January 6th

France’s cathartic doom specialists Endless Floods announce the release of their second full-length “II” this January 6th. A realm of darkness awaits.

Following on from their self-titled debut and split EP with Dutch doomsters Uur, Endless Floods new album “II” will be released this January 6th, 2017 on vinyl format via Dry Cough Records and Fvtvrecordings, and on cassette tape via Breathe Plastic Records.

On this new offering, the French trio digs deeper within the realm of bleakness they established on their debut Endless Floods, making the listener enter a trance-like contemplation through the 20+ minute-long monoliths “Impasse” and “Procession”. In the same vein as their previous works, Endless Floods blend their doom and sludge origins with noisier tones and crisper drone-sounding parts, following their path in a never-ending land of heavy. Straight from the limbo, crushing, boundary-free doom.

About Endless Floods:

Endless Floods is a doom three-piece from Bordeaux, France, formed in 2015 as a side-project by members of Monarch!. With a strong will to keep “no boundaries in heaviness” as a motto, Endless Floods raise an extra-thick wall of sound by blending the darkest sides of doom, the filthy and gloomy vibe of sludge and the mind-expanding structures of ambient metal. This raw sound assault crafted around a minimalistic approach will lock you in “a vast, never-ending room of heavy“, according to Cvlt Nation’s founder Sean Reveron, allowing the listener to breathe while being completely immersed in a hulking, feedback-laden sonic experience.