Doors & Fours – Generation Vex

Doors & Fours - Generation Vex


When Alice Cooper wrote “I’m Eighteen,” he was already 23 years old. But it didn’t matter. He had captured the dumb, lunkheaded fun that resides at the heart of every teenager’s rock’n’roll fantasies. Almost 50 years later (Christ, has it been that long?) Doors & Fours also manage to channel some of that gleeful energy into an album that’s all about pedal-to-the-metal hilarity. Don’t even think about approaching this one seriously. Sit back, relax and enjoy the rock.

Exhibit A? “Fuck Me I Love Death Metal,” featuring drunken thrash riffs and vocal impressions of “an angry cow.” What more do you people want? It may be the metal song equivalent to an Adam Sandler movie but it serves its funny purpose. The rest of the album follows a similar path, with the music treading between stoner metal, thrash, and hardcore, running along too blindly to be distracted by any more complicated ideas. Thankfully, not every song contains a gag, but the ones that do are undoubtedly the highlights of the record (the self-deprecation of “Psychopathy Saves” is spot-on). When Generation Vex expires after fourteen wild songs, it’s doubtful anyone’s life will be changed. But no one would argue that they were the worse for it.

Juvenile humour on an album does not mean juvenile production (just look at Psychostick). Doors & Fours, unfortunately, take their sense of youthful dumbness into the studio with them. If this was a straight-up hardcore record, the clattering drums and thin bass sound would be understandable. But the way the vocals fluctuate on “Burning It Down,” as if Adam Peach’s microphone is waving back and forth in front of his face, is not. Generation Vex appears to be Door’s & Fours first full-length release, but a little more time fine-tuning the intricate parts of the recording process could have turned this into a world-class riff-fest.

Doors & Fours don’t seem like the kind of band that’s shooting for the moon, and that’s alright. We always need fun, the kind of music that you can listen to while shirtless and sweaty with a cheap beer in one hand and a thrown devil horns in the other. Rock on, guys. It’s always worth it.

Written by Max Morin
*edited by Kate Erickson

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Max Morin likes his music the same way he likes most things in life; distorted, and full of energy. Max is a lifelong metal fan who, after seeing AC/DC for the first time at age 12, knew that he wanted to write about music for a living. Many years later, and with a history degree from York University, Max is doing exactly that, for Bucketlist and Exclaim! magazine, among others. Max’s favourite bands include Pink Floyd, System of a Down, Sex Pistols, Rammstein, David Bowie, Nightwish and Jimi Hendrix. He started living when he was born and will continue living until he dies. In his spare time, Max enjoys playing bass, guitar and Playstation. His greatest regret is not mastering the bass solo in “My Generation” by The Who.

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