E c h o e s – Out of Her Mind

Echoes - Our of Her Mind


Everyone likes a good tease, am I right? With the promise of something more, of course. Or else, what’s even the point? Now before your thoughts start going all over the place, I’m talking about E c h o e s first EP Out of Her Mind. I mean, three tracks aren’t enough to keep me satisfied. Especially when the music is as good and inventive as they made it. Guess I’ll have to be patient and wait, but in the meantime, why don’t you read this and figure out why Out of Her Mind is a beautiful creation.

The EP starts with the title track, “Out of Her Mind.” I was into the intro guitar groove as soon as it started, but when the rest of the band jumped in, I already loved what I was hearing. Finally, a band with two guitarists that actually uses both guitarists! Jack Rhythm and Rob L. play well together, one playing to the melody while the other takes the lead with some tasty riffs. The bass isn’t as present in the sound mix and I think having more of it would make the songs sound fuller, but Rob H.’s playing isn’t pointless. One the second track “Hypnotised,” the bass takes more place in the overall mix, much like in the third track “I Want You” that has an actual bass intro. Basically, the bass sounds fantastic, it could just be a tad bit louder.

Mike’s drumming is kept simple, yet it is done effectively. His playing often switches from a more classic rock sound to some jazzy fills, which complements the overall feel of the music. The Beatles are an obvious influence here, from the vocals to the precise drumming. Jack Rhythm’s vocals are steady and although he doesn’t toy too much with his range, his passion makes everything feel like a smooth trip. It’s difficult to classify this band in a genre, especially with only three songs. I hear a lot of Indie Rock, but “Hypnotised” has a riff that reminds me of something The Black Keys could have written. This is all a good thing of course; the music is diverse and offers a lot in only three tracks

There are good things coming for these lads from Liverpool, UK. The music is solid and I definitely want more. Check them out and I guarantee that you will also be asking for more!

Written by Johnathan Robinson
*edited by Mike Milito

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