Elephant Stone Release Remix Album “Ship Of Fools”

Montreal psych-rock trio Elephant Stone have released a new remix album, featuring members of Young Galaxy, TOY, Caribou, Tahiti 80 and more. The album follows the release of the band’s recent full length Ship of Fools – out on Elephants On Parade/Burger Records. The renditions found on Remix of Fools intensify the moments of infectious rhythm, highlight the swirling atmospherics, amplify the hidden hooks, and take the songs into unexpected and uncharted territory.

Watch & listen to the remix of “Love Is Like A Spinning Wheel” here:

Rishi Dhir thoughts on how the remix brought the song to its potential:

I loved this song the moment I wrote it. In my mind the melody was as catchy as they came and had a great Chaka Khan beat to back it up. Sadly, I find it kind of got lost in the shuffle of Ship of Fools. It wasn’t really anyone’s fault.. Maybe we just didn’t ‘nail it’ on the album. I mean, I write pop songs but have the tendency to dress them up in paisley technicolour coats, if you catch my drift. Xavier (Tahiti 80) and I have been in contact for a few years. He caught one of our gigs in France and reached out via twitter. I was a fan of Tahiti 80s first record, so this was a pretty big thrill. It wasn’t until this summer that we met in Paris. As is my way, I asked if he would be interested in doing a remix. For the record, Xavier is immensely talented and a wonderful soul. He’s a mammoth songwriter/arranger. This is no more more evident than with what he did to this song. He made this song into everything I always wanted it to be.”

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