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I decided to go out of my comfort zone with a pop album by Elliot Brown titled Jingles 4; I reckon I’m a metal gal, so I decided to “dissect” this album as an experiment in open-mindedness. It was a good time I must say, and left me smiling on the way to work one morning giving it a listen.

So here’s me picking at said album:

The opening track (of ten) was “Lulu,” a song that grew on me; the more I listen to it, the more I can appreciate what he’s trying to do with his sound. At the same time, he could have done with less “pew-pew-pew” sounds. (If you’re into pew-pew-pew sounds, disregard my comment, you’ll dig the shit out this. Hehe.)

As I continued with my ear soaking, “Star” amused me with it’s sound and lyrics alike. My love of astronomy gives me a slight bias, so I appreciate that he seems to know science a bit, simply by understanding that the sun is a star; cool.

Rest Home” is a song that I dug the shit out of, and serves as a great example of the humour aspect of Elliot Brown’s work that I mentioned at the beginning. It’s such a random song, and I’m not sure if this rest home situation makes him happy or sad, but his lyrics and delivery in this song got me laughing pretty hard. Kudos.

“Nile” is just lovely, and catchy as fuck. I’m not sure if I can add many other words. (Except these ones I just typed…)

The catchy songwriting continues with “Hired Labour,” where he sings about folks busting their asses working to no end, yet he makes me giggle about it in the way that he sings the story. Also I wouldn’t have guessed he’s from New Zealand as I’ll be damned to hear an accent his voice, so that was a neat surprise to learn.

Overall, I really dug this album; it’s not something I’d normally listen to, but I’m glad I did in this case, and I got some (unexpected) laughs to boot. Elliott Brown is a great storyteller and, given that (to my ears) more tunes were a hit than a miss, I can get passed some of the “pew-pew-pew” sounds and other particular sounds than don’t normally jive with my tastes. I reckon it’s kind of like the band Cake…it can come off as a touch cheesy to me, but I still can’t stop listening. I’d recommend this to pop fans that like a good story and who are tired of the manufactured type of pop music on commercial radio.

Written by Angie Radczenko
*edited by Kate Erickson

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