ELUVEITIE Working on Second Acoustic Album “EVOCATION II”

It has been rumoured for a long time and now it’s official: Folk metal superstars ELUVEITIE are working on their next album! And it will be the long expected second part of their acoustic-concept EVOCATION!

The band plans to start the studio recording at the end of the year and to release the album next spring!

Mastermind Chrigel Glanzmann comments:
“We’re looking forward to “EVOCATION II”! The concept of the album sticks in our head already for years and it has matured a lot. Our second acoustic-album will continue the tradition of the first one but it will be even more rough, folk and mystic! It will be the celtic mythology in its pure culture, formed into music!”

Guitar player Rafael Salzmann adds:
“Exactly! We’re really motivated and creative as well. “EVOCATION II” will become definitely a folk-album filed in details!”

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