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The grunge movement started in Seattle and rose to popularity in the 90s. Bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden were at the helm of its peak, and though they inspired several bands to follow in their footsteps, very few come close to capturing the perfectly moody sound and angst that the movement can be defined by. Ontario grunge band, Emmas Ringer, manages to capture the true essence of the roots of grunge however, in their latest album, Generations.

The album opens up with an extremely unusual track that sounds more as though it belongs in a John Carpenter horror movie score than in a grunge album. It’s an eerie and unsettling track that is sure to have your heart racing and is most certainly not for the faint of heart to listen to when home alone. It then delves immediately into a typical grunge guitar riff accompanied by loud drumming, lots of screaming, and some impressively strong vocals, with its second track, “Hong Kong”. Though the lyrics of this track are a little weak, the writing improves with every song on the album, all containing words of pain, anger and anxiety.

“Colours” sounds a little too much like it has been taken directly from a Nirvana album without being given any sort of unique twist. The chords seem to alternate between those of two different Nirvana songs, though it’s hard to place exactly which two. That being said, the rest of the tracks on the album are absolutely flawless. The vocals may be a tad weaker on the next track, but it is the only track in which they are weak, and the song still works as it starts off sounding similar to Sublime, and ends sounding much like Weezer.

“Million Dollar Soldier” is the best song on the album, and is a definite must for any grunge fan to listen to. It starts off sounding very trippy, like an extra-terrestrial ballad from a science-fiction film. After the first few seconds however, it turns into a very loud and very catchy song with unbelievable vocals.

Generations ends on a good note, with another song that sounds similar to those of Soundgarden (“Tree” had a similar sound too). Though the song is dark, it’s a very fitting way to end the album.

Overall, the album is perfect for anyone who wants their fix of classic grunge.

Written by Franca G. Mignacca

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