En Route to Heavy Night 4 – Live at Katacombes – April 24th, 2014 – Montreal, Quebec

En Route Vers Heavy Night 4 - April 24th, 2014 - Montreal, Quebec

It was that time again folks, the very last round before the final decision as to who would be playing Heavy Montreal. Exciting times. Tonight was glam rock/cock rock/rock ‘n’ roll night. The four contestants were Eagle Tears, Mad Parish, Rusted, and Medusa. My record of snowy, rainy nights when attending Katacombes was broken as it was a gorgeous night. It wasn’t a huge turnout, but enough people to fit the venue comfortably. The judges of the evening were Jon Asher of Asher Media Relations, Jason Rockman of CHOM/Slaves on Dope, J-F Michaud of Evenko, Max Duhamelof Kataklysm, and Jee of Silver Wings Studios. A great group of judges this evening, you know you’ll hear some real constructive criticism.


The night began with the very colorful, sexy, and morbid, Medusa. Being the only female star of the evening, Kayla Whynter did well in kicking some major ass with her powerful pipes and sexy dance moves. She introduced the band members, thanked the audience, Evenko, and Heavy Montreal for being there, which I thought was rad. It’s always tough being a female vocalist in a metal band but I think her voice was spectacular. She held her notes high and steady. Tommy Teeze is a wonderful guitar player and he was super focused, but I would have liked to see more movement on stage. “Montreal! Do you want one more song?!” Izzy Skidzz on bass said to the crowd while they cheered Medusa on, the band ending their set with a bang. The highlight for me from this band was definitely Xandr on drums. His facial expressions and ridiculously banging plays killed it!  I was surprised the judges haven’t mentioned him much. Medusa has been around since 2009, and opened for some pretty big names like The Misfits and has been featured on Global TV.

Eagle Tears-6
Eagle Tears

Eagle Tears were up next and having never seen these guys play before, I was a little curious based on their appearance. They have this ZZTop/rock ‘n’ roll/70s attire look going for them which made them really stand out. I especially loved George Groves’ purple bell bottoms. When the band began with what sounded like a rock ‘n’ roll, heavier version of Doobie Brothers, I stood up and wanted to move along to these guys. Holy talent Batman. The overall stage presence was phenomenal, and the vocals between Hal and George were a perfect fit. At one point, however, I thought George’s mic was turned off as I literally did not hear him for almost an entire song. They played mad tight and the guitar solos played by all three Hal, George, and Steve were a big ol’ rockin’ time. These guys knew how to groove it up for entertainment on stage and I’d definitely love to see them again. They are backed up by Bob Eaglesham on drums who also happens to sing/play guitar for Mad Parish. This guy is multi-talented, but wow, what a sick drummer. The judges had nothing but good things to say about this band including “I feel sorry for the bands that get to play after you…” by the wonderfully blunt Jason Rockman.

Mad Parrish-7
Mad Parish

Up next: the cockiest, cheesiest, most bad ass heavy metal rockin’ band known as Mad Parish. It was my second time catching these dudes and they have yet to disappoint. After Eagle Tears, I was stumped as to who would win this round because both bands were so damned good. Vocalist Josh McConnell has the best hair I’ve ever seen and he was sporting a ‘stache, along with spandex, a red leather belt, and a jean vest. Loved it. Bobby on drums was raging and really kicking it. This band brings lots of fun, heavy metal anthems we can sing along to and so much synced headbanging moves, which made for a fun band to watch. They needed a bigger stage to perform on. “How are you guys doing tonight? Give it up for Eagle Tears! I know those guys!” Josh hilariously said to the crowd praising how well their performance went. The crowd was headbanging all around, seemingly enjoyed this band and sang along to all the anthems.


Last band of the night was Poison. Oops, I mean Rusted. I am a lover of the ol’ classic metal bands like Poison, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Maiden etc. so this performance brought me back to the 80s. All I can say is: the pants. Vocalist Tony Rust wore these black leather pants with white stitching that is very rare to pull off and he did it. The wonderful thing about glam rock is not only do you get a loud, heavy performance but you also get the beautiful leopard and zebra print shirts and pants, leather, scarves with skulls on them on microphone stands. Tony held his notes long and beautifully and of course, the band performed well, with some pounding drums and classic guitar solos. They released their full-length album Rock Patrol last year; you can give it a listen here: https://rustedrock.bandcamp.com/album/rock-patrol

Overall a fun night. Who gets in the next and FINAL round of En Route? That’s right…Eagle Tears! They will be joining Red Skies, Karkaos, and Point Blank Rage.

Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography by Eric Brisson    
Eric Brisson Photography
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