End of Crisis – Live at Piranha Bar – October 3rd, 2013 – Montreal, Quebec

End of Crisis– October 3rd 2013 – Montreal, Quebec

It was a night full of local talent with bands such as Strike It and A Wasted Sacrifice opening the night. I discovered my camcorder crashing on me, but luckily John, our fabulous photographer, saved the day with his own. We managed to catch some of the show on film.

There was about 20-30 people in the venue by the time End of Crisis began, which upset me. I was not feeling the vibe. People kept to themselves, seemed pretty tired/out of it, and the drinks weren’t going around enough; Nine Inch Nails playing the same night did not help. It was a beautiful evening nonetheless and I was stoked to see these guys play.

End of Crisis began the night at 11:17p.m. A little late – but once again it is expected at Piranha Bar. I love the venue for its size and endofcrisiswatermark5intimacy, but the sound checks tend to run a little long. It is fine, as it was well worth the wait for this energetic, emotional band.

JP Barcha Charlebois showed praise to the crowd that remained for the late night as they began with their intro along with “Heart & Soul.” A wooden plank was placed in front to extend the stage as Charlebois showed his emotion and craze, growling his powerful lyrics to the room. It’s no doubt this band shows clear sentiment in their songs and performance. The band suffered losing their guitarist and good friend Tonny Grondin to a car accident. I absolutely love this song and all its glory. It has so much involved yet the band played it super tight. You can really see their chemistry on stage, as Danny Alfaro (drums) killed it and brought the band together with all his energy and heavy kicks.

endofcrisiswatermark11Phil Ouellet and Keith Philip Barrette of Strike It were in the crowd cheering their friends on as Ouellet drunkenly thrashed away, nearly knocking over my table at the same time! The dude was really into the music. Barrette was also headbanging and swaying away. You can see the utmost respect these bands have for one another.

As the performance progressed, more and more people joined in. The place was still not filled to its capacity but they definitely drew in a good crowd. The bandcommunicated with the crowd well, getting everyone to clap and cheer. Charlebois continued to thank his friends and fans for sticking around and supporting them on stage.

Etienne Descroix (guitar) and Pat Plouffe (guitar) jammed away, bringing some sick duo melodies and distorted sounds. Plouffe was sporting the 50’s rockabilly look as he bobbed back and forth playing his sick riffs and Descroix swayed his guitar all around him as he turned and twisted all over stage. The energy was mesmerizing. I could probably go on and on. They ended the six song set with “Confluence”; a very heavy, strong song that consists of incredible breakdowns, Francis Descroix’ strong bass lines, and delirious drums. I was definitely drawn in to the performance and totally will check these guys out again next time they play.

For full photo set click here.

Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography by John Fraser Landry  

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