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As any music fan will tell you, there’s almost no better feeling than stumbling across a random album you know nothing about, listening to it, and being completely blown away by this discovery. This was my exact reaction upon my first listen of Common Daze by Ever.

From the Isle of Wight in England, Ever is a singer-songwriter who has created a beautifully atmospheric electronic record. The intro is the metaphorical dream sequence, opening the record with a calming euphoria. It’s a beautiful track that makes you feel as if you’re peacefully floating in the water.

When the second song, the record’s title track, “Common Daze,” begins, you’re immediately treated to vocals reminiscent of artists like Lana Del Rey and Björk. Ever’s voice has that same unique oddity that makes the album so memorable. “Haunt,” the third track on the record, is a poppy track that still evokes what the title suggests it would; a haunted, melodic atmosphere of sounds that really define what Ever is all about.

“Dreaming” was probably my favourite track on this EP as hard as it is for me to pick. This entire record is great, but there’s something about the simple beat, layered with Ever’s vocals, which makes this track stand out. It echoes louder than the rest.

Lastly, “Thunder” ends the record with more electronic melodies, mixed in with a soaring presence of piano, and vocals that are truly the shining element of this short, yet fantastic EP.

There’s something simplistically stunning, yet ghostly, about the music that Ever creates. It’s the kind of sound that makes you want to sit down, and just listen for fear of missing out on the true meaning of existence. It doesn’t overpower you, it just sits there, and waits for you to tune in at your pace. This record is not overly dramatic, or quietly dull. It finds the perfect middle ground of Electronic music, and emerges with something that is uniquely Ever.

I feel like I’ve discovered a musical gem, and I hope everyone takes the time to listen to this record.

Written by Dominic Abate
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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Dominic's first love of music came at an early age, when his father introduced him to the sounds of bands like The Beatles and The Doors. It inspired him to learn how to play guitar and constantly seek out new music. Although Dominic loves nearly all forms of music, his primary passion is anything with heavy and loud guitars. His current favourites are bands/artists like Chelsea Wolfe, Converge, Pallbearer, Amenra and Behemoth, just to name a few. When he's not writing for Bucketlist, Dominic works as a Marketing Copywriter.

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