Every Time I Die – Live at Club Soda – September 18th, 2014 – Montreal, QC

Every Time I Die & Guests - September 18th, 2014 - Montreal, QC

Drunk; a term commonly defined as being in a state of heavy inebriation due to the ingestion of the substance of alcohol. Every Time I Die; A group of musicians from Buffalo, New York who are often in the state of ‘drunk.’ Obviously the lot of you would know more about the former than you would the latter. That’s where I come in. Join me on a little adventure where I will attempt to recollect the last time I attended an ETID performance. Ah yes, as the hangover and the swelling around the boot print on my head settle, it seems like just yesterday that I was at the show. Alright, fine…it was Thursday the 18th of September at Club Soda…and it was a loooong hangover.

Dig It up-5
Dig It Up

The night started off with another one of Montreal’s homegrown glories, better known as Dig It Up. Now, some of you may remember that I’ve already given my two cents about the band before, so I’ll keep it brief. They are still pretty bad ass, but for some reason, this time around was a little weaker than I remember. Some could call it a sense of exhaustion, others could say laziness. I won’t be the one making the final call, but I can definitely say that they were capable of pulling off better.


We dived into the tour package, and started off with Milwaukee, WI-based hardcore gang Expire. If you dig the old school Suicidal Tendencies vibe when it comes to hardcore, maybe you’ll love these dudes. Personally, however, I got a little tired of hearing half a word before the singer would then move the mic from his face, just to return it rapidly and attempt another half a word. Gangsta I guess?


Next up to bat was Hamilton, Ontario’s take on the melodic hardcore movement, Counterparts. This being a rather anticipated return (van troubles last time, you know the deal), the band obviously came with their game faces to a very excited crowd. There was an amazing response from said crowd, however nothing in particular grabbed me by the sack this time around. Smaller, more intimate spaces do these guys a helluva lot more justice.

Every Time I Die-1
Every Time I Die

Now, if you were alone when you arrived, you were probably alone when you left. At least while Everytime I Die was playing, there was opportunity to make a couple of friends, or just boot me in the head when you come flying off the stage during “El Dorado”. Yeah, that happened, and I’m a man. ETID came out doing what they always do – making your naughty parts hurt. Big sound, great set choice, and looooooooooooots of need and want to booze it up. If I was in a sober state of mind, I might have told you that the overall sound “quality” was rather mugging and a little incoherent, but here’s the beautiful part of Every Time I Die: the anticipation of them getting on stage kinda makes you a bit incoherent too. Make no mistake, if you smell a drop left in the keg when “We’rewolf” hits, you’re gunna move in for the kill, just out of pure obligation.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, this isn’t the first time these dudes have left me with an injury, one that I sort of need to tend to.

Written by Jason Greenberg
Photography by Eric Brisson  Eric Brisson Photography
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