Every Time I Die & Guests – Live at Foufounes Electriques – April 20th, 2015 – Montreal, QC

Every Time I Die & Guests - April 20th, 2015 - Montreal, QC

On this Monday night, April 20th, 2015, there was only once place to be for Every Time I Die fans – Foufounes Electriques in Montreal, Quebec.  Since the boys had a day off from their current tour with The Used, they decided to spend the day with us. Now let me tell you how the night went. Spoiler: it fucking rocked!

As with most Extensive Enterprise shows, we get to enjoy some great local talent. This night, starting off with a performance by In the Name of Havoc, was no different.  This quartet claims their genre of music is “classic rock of the future”, which is amusing, much like their time on stage.  Lead signer Orin Loft is a silly mess on stage, and that is a great thing!  He is so entertaining and has the energy of the Energizer Bunny.  His intensity is contagious, his energy transferred to the rest of that band. It all ties in together to create a tasty metal taco. I loved the set. While it wasn’t perfect, this young group is on the right path. The band’s camaraderie with other local acts was nice to see; they were teasing each other, and invited Cody Dodd of Red Skies to join them for “You Shindig or Shin-Don’t”.


Next up was Exalt from Kitchener, Ontario, who came out on stage with the same energy exerted by In the Name of Havoc.  This hardcore act wasn’t my cup of tea. Having seen them before, I thought this set wasn’t as tight.  Marred by mic issues, singer Tyler Brand did his best to get the job done.  I found myself worried at times; not even listening to the music, I thought he would hit his head on the monitor while violently headbanging. The hardcore/metalcore fans seemed to enjoy them. Who am I to judge?  Check ‘em out for yourself.

The Eeries

Now well into the evening, it was time for LA’s The Eeries to go on.  As this band stepped on stage, I couldn’t help but say, “Holy fuck, are these guys from the 90s?”  Their wardrobe was inspired by the grunge era, and from the first note to the last, it was clear that so was their music. Vocalist Isaiah Silva, sporting a Beavis and Butthead tee, reminded me of a young Kurt Cobain. I couldn’t help but compare the two. Funnily enough, I found out later that he is engaged to the late singer’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. Their sound was awesome, and their drummer sure was fun. I was immediately in love.  Their set, strong but short, included tunes such as “Love you to Pieces”, “Cool Kids”, and “Girlfriend”.  This is definitely a band from which we’ll be seeing more.


Marmozets were on next and I’ll just say this: They BLEW MY FUCKING MIND!  So good, intense and tight!  This band, hailing from England, came out to play offering one of the best sets I have seen in a while.  Lead singer Becca MacIntyre was on top of her game; her voice was mesmerizing. She can sing me a lullaby any night!  This was the best of punk, hardcore, and metal thrown into a blender to make us dance, feel and drink!  Well done! I highly suggest you go listen to their music right now.

Every Time I Die

Finally, the headliners! From Buffalo, NY,  Every Time I Die came out and did what they do –  KICK EVERYBODY’S ASSES!  These guys are fucking pros, from the great shredding of Mr Williams and Jordan Buckley and the solid bass from Steve Micciche to the mind blowing drums of Ryan Leger. Every time I see them live, I am always entertained as fuck.  What else can I say about these dudes and the vocals of Keith Buckley? It’s just a great time every time.  They played about fourteen songs, including “Ebolarama”, “We’rewolf”, “Decayin’ with the Boys”, Nirvana’s “Tourettes”, and “Moor”.  They finished off the night by inviting everyone to join them on stage while they played “Imitation ss the Sincerest Form of Battery”.  One word: EPIC.

Written by Eric Brisson
Photographed by Shannon Fong  
SLF Photography
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