Fayne – Live at Piranha Bar – August 22nd, 2013 – Montreal, Quebec

Piranha bar (located on Ste-Catherine West, close to McGill metro)is one of my favorite venues for smaller shows simply because of the cozy atmosphere. A plus,once the venue is closed and the show over, the location is awesome as it’s right next to many 24-hour restaurants and strip clubs for those not ready to end the party.


I walked to the show straight from work in the dark, disgusting, rainy weather and saw some people gathered outside waiting for the event to start. There was band equipment scattered at the far right inside the venue, with no chairs or tables to sit at. The bar resides at the far back corner of the place and there were some merch tables set up. The show tonight cost thirteen dollars and had five bands total playing including headliners Three Crowns. I regret not getting myself a Fayne t-shirt which they were offering at twenty-five dollars a pop. I’ll grab one soon.

The night went very smoothly with set up, organization, and timing. The show started at exactly eight o’clock with Skies Across opening. I was utterly impressed by this as shows don’t normally happen on time…especially at Piranha bar! It was muggy and hot in the venue, and got even worse when more people arrived, but it was still comfortable enough not to feel repulsive. The overall vibe of the place was fabulous, as I observed, everyone was in a good mood, excited, friendly, and eager to see Fayne make a comeback performance.

IMG_2799How’s everybody doing tonight?!” yelled Joseph Espinosa (vocals). “Before we start, maybe make some NOISE!” As the boys were preparing, Joseph conveyed his thanksto the crowd, which I thought was a great beginning to their performance. Instead of having people stand around bored, he drew the crowd in before they were even ready.

“Believers” started the set and was blended easily into “Concord” thereafter.  I was totally fucking jaw dropping-insane-impressed. The energy these guys took to the stage was impeccable and I was completely drawn in. Fans were taking photos/videos and Instagram-ing the crap out of the show. “Concord” brought ablend of crisp vocals along with screams, painful yelling, growls, profound breakdowns, and guitar bends thatjust took my heart out of my chest, up to my lungs and left it spat out on the floor in fucking amazement.

The stage presence was culminating. We had Chris Kasp (bassist) standing in the back corner facing the side crowd, with Nick Fazioli (guitarist) standing in front of him with his heavy locks of hair all over the place from the hard head-banging.  Alex Gonzalez (guitarist) was at the far right focused deeply on his guitar playing with his hair in his face, with Carlo De Iuliis drumming away with a goofy smile. Last but not least, Joseph who is definitely a fantastic front-man for the band walked all throughout the crowd high fiving and hugging everyone (including myself!). People reacted really positively to it, includingthe girls who looked disgusted by his sweaty body rubbing up against theirs. Props to Nick who was mentioned to have been ill for the last couple of weeks; I would never have been able to tell after watching this dude perform.

Being clearly incredible performers, the music kicking ass just made everything so much better. The only minor complaint I have is I couldn’t really hear Joseph or Chris sing, which saddened me as they both have glorious voices.

The band closed their set with “Queen of Kings”. This was the best song to end the set because of the blend of different emotions that come out of it. It starts outwith heavy angry vocals, double snare drumming, solid guitar strumming, and then there comes in Joseph’s melodic vocals mid song. It breaks down with hostility, craze, and mini guitar solos. It has a lot happening throughout with a break of whispering guitar hums towards the end.  Joseph then walked around the entire venue again hugging and thanking everyone. He had this look of angst and enthusiasm in his face. He was totally in the zone.
I was just impressed all around with how well these guys go together. Their chemistry on stage, musically, and physically is something I haven’t seen in a while.  Their IMG_2796music collides with an influence of Misery Signals meets Pantera. They are known for blending in sick guitar solos with heavier strums, melancholic/mean vocals and an insane amount of energy. When I mentioned throughout the day to a few friends I was checking these dudes out, I got a lot of “Those guys are awesome!” – clearly a good fan base as well. Congrats guys.

Fayne originally formed ten years ago with Alex being their original vocalist. Alex decided this was not something he wanted to continue doing, so they then found Joseph who replaced him. After making an EP, the band parted ways and stopped playing music. Two years ago, former guitarist JJ Levy and Joseph started a band called Posing on Purpose and asked Alex to record them. Chris then joined and “Concord” was released as a single.  JJ had to leave, and they then got Carlo on drums. Theywere Fayne once again.

When I asked where the name “Fayne” comes from, this is what Alex had to say: “I think we just thought it sounded like an entity; a feeling of fighting hard for whatever endeavour makes you happy. Fayne always just felt right….”

Thanks, Fayne, for making my night.

Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography by Andrei  Coser
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