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As soon as I saw the band name Fear of Noise followed by the EP titled Vengeance, my brain prepared itself for a generic ride based on the sound of said band name and title. Silly, assuming me. Now, as a critical thinker, it’s my duty to weigh evidence and agree with the outcome, even if it’s a bummer. The only bummer with this EP is it needs MORE tracks! What a fucking ear ride, man. These Vancouver cats made me feel like I was in a Tarantino-esque action movie, straight up (Note: There are robot squirrels in my movie).

Now, who doesn’t love being greeted by the voice of an irate-sounding German at the start of a new listen!? Count me in, I say! Then, the music – these guys are tight off the bat. Poppin’ drums hit me, hammered out by a dude that calls himself Mars, which made me smile upon discovering that because astronomy fucking owns. Les is right there with him on guitar, and Jake’s bass undertones wrap this track up like Mom whips up some fine gravy…thick yet subtle, with nice chunks thrown in for good measure. The song title “Crystal Potato Republic” is the meat to my gravy, as a fan of fun song titles.

On to the next scene, err, track, titled “Smoking With Distinction” makes me think Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, so I’d reckon if you’re a fan of them, you’ll dig the shit out of these guys, no doubt. To segue back to scene, the one set here by this track is, in my brain, in a western saloon. Someone draws a gun, but then my robot squirrels take everyone out in the end. I loved the turn this track took around the 1:40 mark, and the fun guitar bits at the end. Okay, my ears are perked… Let’s keep going… The third track, titled “Fine Goods Disposal”, reminds me of the movie They Live. The combo of bubbly and brute in their sound (throughout) is perhaps from where this thought has stemmed, and these guys are obviously out of bubble gum because they’re kicking my ears’ ass. *waits for groans* Seriously, though, great track! And thus far these cats are consistent as fuck.

The next track to penetrate my brain receptors to music is called “This Time it’s Vengeance”, and it’s business. Coming in subtle and having me wonder if I was hearing a helicopter impression (nope), it reared into waves of frenzy and ended in mixtures of notes of frenzy vs. calm. By the end, I pictured myself riding in a convertible, top down – and now my hair’s fucked. ‘Twas a smooth ride.

The final scene, “Public Figures”, begins with the drums that come right in like a horny dude on a woman at a dive salsa bar around 2am. This one makes me wanna try surfing, or some other recreational water sport. Here’s a track I’m curious to see performed live. I’m sure it’d be dirty as fuck…and ends off sweet and simple, which I appreciate.

I couldn’t seem to find any recent videos, so I’ll leave you with “Cockroaches” from their first EP Cockroachia, circa 2014. I love the sci-fi aspect and story, yet as a gal allergic to roaches, gah.

If you found this review slightly odd, well, that’s just the effect their music had on me; give it a listen and hear for yourself. At the end of the day, this EP was a fun fucking ride for me. I have no other words.

Written by Angie Radczenko

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