Featured Artist: The Agonist

Losing a vocalist can often spell the end for a band. Montreal melodic metal outfit The Agonist parted ways with original vocalist Alissa White-Gluz in 2014. Rather than take a step back, the band scoured the world for a replacement and they found their match on YouTube of all places. Aspiring Greek artist, Vicky Psarakis had a channel where she posted covers of her favourite metal songs, which included an Agonist song. The band flew her out to Montreal, and the chemistry was immediate.

Since adding Psarakis to their ranks, they have been one of the hardest working bands in metal. On September 30th, 2016 the band released their fifth album, the aptly titled Five. It’s their second album in 19 months and has been surrounded by constant touring.

In support of the new record, the band is hitting the road with veterans Epica and Fleshgod Apocalypse highlighted by a hometown show at the Corona Theatre on November 5th. The album has already produced three singles, “The Chain,” “The Moment” and “The Hunt.” The album also features a cover of the Hozier hit, “Take Me to Church.”

The band’s style is marked by a combination of clean and growling vocals, like a one woman Alexisonfire. Guitarist Danny Marino’s use of multiple intersecting melodies and unorthodox chords are also a hallmark of their sound. Themes that continue to be explored and evolve with their evolution. Bassist Chris Kells, drummer Simon McKay and guitarist Pascal “Paco” Jobin round out this lineup of mavens of Montreal’s metal scene. They are a veteran group not afraid to experiment and find new sounds.

While a metal band seems like a logical choice for our October artist of the month, they don’t always follow traditional metal themes. Their lyrics often take on social issues such as animal rights, war, and injustice: they are metal with a conscience.

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Written by Richard Brunette
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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