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Howdy, partners. I reckon you may be unwise to the goings on in these parts: there’s a Hitman on the loose. Hailing from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia (and, by proxy, Halifax), Hitman are a four-piece powerhouse, Stoner-Metal band.

Fronted by Jordan “Sheriff” Rose, the vocals feel very inspired by acts like Clutch and Pantera. There is so much force and purpose in Rose’s performance, especially when experienced live. The band’s sound is ‘guitaristically’ driven by experienced word-thinker, Corey Norman (if you followed Corey Quotes on Facebook, you would understand the false word choice). Corey has a deep talent and is very versatile. From legato licks to sludgy chugs, the man does it all without a second guitarist. The bass is played by a man. No ordinary man. A man of power! A man of style. A man named (Andrew) Coutts. Between his stage presence and technical proficiency, Coutts is widely known, respected, and admired in the Halifax-Dartmouth scene. When Coutts steps to the microphone, expect something big. He doesn’t deal in half-measures. Lastly, behind the kit is the core of the group, Sylvain Coderre. In addition to being a fucking outstanding percussionist, Sylvain is active in every aspect of Hitman, serving as the manager for the outfit. These boys have played a good hundred shows. Various clubs and bars have contained their furious riffing, kicking, and moshing. They’ve gone riding the rails, and they’re going back out yonder again.

Hitman invited me to sit in on band practice while they were preparing to embark on a tour which should be jam packed. The band recently prevailed in a battle of the bands run by Halifax’s own live105 radio station. They were awarded a spot on Warped Tour in New York state. Hitman also have East Coast Awakening to look forward to. Add to these dates a spot returning to The Maritime Metal and Hard Rock Festival (they were introduced by Mr. Lahey of The Trailer Park Boys) and an opening slot for Courage My Love in Toronto, and there is plenty to expect from these guys. Do yourself a favour when going to see Hitman live, when your time comes, keep your head on. For Bucketlist, I’m Jacques “Blackjack” Asselin

Upcoming Hitman Dates:
July 1 – Halifax, NS – Gus’ Pub
July 12 – Toronto, ON – The Phoenix Concert Theatre
July 14 – Darien Center, NY – Vans Warped Tour
July 22 – 23 – Windsor, NS – Maritime Metal & Hard Rock Festival
July 29 – Aug 1 – Wark’s Point Wilderness Getaway, NB – East Coast Awakening
Aug 27 – Sept 3 – Tour with The Vagitarians (NS, NB, Que, ON)

Written by Jacques Asselin
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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Native to Montréal, now living in Halifax, Jacques Asselin is a multi instrumentalist. Acting as vocalist for The 4Heads, Don't Think Twice, Teach Fire and Fallen Tribunal, Jacques is no stranger to the stage, or the studio. Starting off in pop punk territory, his eclectic taste has branched out in both directions. On one hand - folk and blues. On the other - metal (from stoner to progressive). No matter what genre, Jacques is a fan of passion and innovation in music.

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