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When one hears the term ‘blues band,’ it’s hard not to imagine baby boomer-aged, scruffy looking men, doing their best Stevie Ray Vaugh impressions in the back of a dive bar on any given Saturday night. That’s why it’s all the more impressive to have a band come along and wash away any of the old clichés associated with that type of music. Quebec’s Whisky Legs manage to do so, all while keeping the grittiness and soul needed to properly convey the essence of blues and rock and roll.

Born from a musical partnership that began over six years ago between lead singer and all around band leader Maude Brochu and virtuosic drummer and multi-instrumentalist Pascal Denis, the band completed its lineup when they added the fiery and charismatic talents of guitarist Guillaume Methot. Part of their sound comes from the members’ love of the city they inhabit and, more specifically, the Quebec city borough where they live and rehearse known as St-Roch: a harder, grittier part of the capital city that is a perfect source of inspiration for their craft.Long nights spent in a basement that was painstakingly renovated to become a home studio/rehearsal space led to the creation of what will be the band’s second release, Basement Confessions, released on September 18th. Merging the sounds of delta blues with the soul of Amy Winehouse along with some heavy guitar playing in the vein of Gary Clark Jr, these three young performers have a sound that is vintage but still relevant for the millenial generation.

Released in June of 2014, their first EP Have a Shot was an instant success among the blues and rock community. Radio Canada’s own Xavier Lacroix called them “The only whisky you can have with no moderation!” The success of that release had them on the bills of such renowned stages such as the Festival d’été de Québec and the Tremblant Blues Festival and, more recently, the Festival de Jazz de Montréal this past summer. Their passion for live music, as well as their impressive individual talents on their respective instruments, had them playing countless shows all year, culminating in the prestigious “Favourite Band of the Year” by ROSEC, the Eastern Canada Promoter’s Association of Eastern Quebec.

Things didn’t slow down one bit in 2015 as the trio continued their strong work ethic, earning even more accolades including the “Discovery of the Year” award at the Lys Blues Awards, and a nomination in the “Female Artist of the Year” category for singer Brochu.

With all these accomplishments already behind them, Whisky Legs have set the bar high for themselves but these young musicians are hungry for success and seem poised to reach a new level in the near future. Since then, they’ve been making waves across the province and beyond. Stay tuned on their Facebook page to find out what this talented group will be up to next!

Written by Ben Massicotte
*edited by Kate Erickson

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