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Fayne: “An entity; a feeling of fighting hard for whatever endeavor makes you happy,” said founder Alex Gonzalez a year ago when I asked him about the meaning of the band’s name. In actuality, it was a typo, but the name ended up sticking, representing what this band truly stands for. “It was all fun and games until Mark Fayne came around,” said vocalist Joseph Espinosa, jokingly referring to the current Edmonton Oilers defenceman.

I was fortunate enough to hang out with the guys of Fayne, and I truly got to know where they come from. Gonzalez, along with guitarist Nick Fazioli, began their musical journey straight from the womb. Gonzalez was at the hospital during Faziolis’ birth (their respective parents are close friends). As they got older, they bought their first guitars together and started jamming, realizing that playing music is what they were meant to do.

Gonzalez started off as the original screamer of the band, but after several years, he decided he needed focus primarily on guitar and songwriting. They asked another childhood friend, Joseph Espinosa, to join the band and take his place. “Back in the day, Nick and I would always go hang out at the guitar shop and see Joe surrounded by three girls,” said bassist Chris Kasp, chuckling. “Joe was jamming down our hall, back in 2006, with a band called Seasonal A.D.. Alex wanted to move over to just playing guitar, and Joe gladly came in with all the passion and fucking energy that he had and joined us,” said Kasp. After undergoing band member changes, they have finally gathered the five official members; Alex Gonzelez on lead guitar, Chris Kasp on bass, Joseph Espinosa on vocals, Nick Fazioli on rythym guitar, and Carlo De luliis on drums. “Fayne was always a brotherhood…like family,” explained Espinosa.

Fayne embarked on several mini tours in 2004, touring with bands such as Cobourg (currently Gentlemen Husbands) throughout Eastern Canada, and opening for groups like Alexisonfire and Underoath. The tours helped Fayne develop a great reputation within the metalcore scene and with it, a loyal fanbase. After releasing two EPs (You Took it All Away (2004), Delivering The Final Blow (2006)) and recording a third as-of-yet-unreleased EP, the members of Fayne felt they could not pursue music full time and made the difficult decision to go on hiatus in 2008. “We had an EP that we recorded. It’s still unreleased. We all decided to go our separate ways when we realized we couldn’t take that next step, going on the road,” explained Kasp.

After some soul searching, Fayne reformed in 2013 with a renewed hunger among its members to fully dedicate themselves to the future of the project. Their upcoming EP, The Queen of Kings, is set to be released this month. The record is heavily influenced by bands such as Counterparts, Mastodon, and Periphery. The Queen of Kings sports an impressive roster of special guest appearances, including Karl Schubach, vocalist for Misery Signals. The album was produced by Gonzalez, with the help of Alan Douches (Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, Between the Buried and Me) for the final mastering . Click here for more details of their record release party which will take place November 20th, 2014 in Montreal.

Fayne is indeed back from the dead and ready to deliver chaos to the masses. Stay tuned.

Written and Compiled by Liz Imperiale

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