Flamingo Bay – Steak n’ Eggs


Hamilton Ontario’s Flamingo Bay seem to have two main influences: very melancholy blues rock, and a little band from the early 90s you may have heard of called Nirvana. (Actually, does that mean they only have one influence?) In any case, they clearly like Nirvana. So much so that on several occasions such as when Dillon Henningson croons, “Got a woman, she does too” during the opening of “Blues Flute,” you’d swear it was Kurt Cobain singing to you in vaguely poetic terms about how sad and ironic the world is.

This means that Steak n’ Eggs (great title, I might add) is an extremely consistent listen. Album opener “Culprit of the Tahiti Pearl” does a great job setting the tone for things to come, and is a truly spastic banger in its own right. Changing tempos no less than three times, it never gets boring throughout its over-seven-minute run. What follows is a series of appropriately short rockers, none of which really stand out, but all of which suit the overall tone of the record.

Things do start to feel a little slow when the extremely aptly named country ballad “Righteousness” rears its dreary head, but the short instrumental track “SS” does an admirable job of cleansing the sonic pallet, and allows the album to proceed to an adequate, if not roaring, climax.

Overall, Flamingo Bay aren’t reinventing any musical wheels on Steak n’ Eggs, and they may sound a little too much like Dave Grohl’s former claim to fame for some people’s comfort, but this record is definitely a satisfying listen, especially for those of us who miss the 90s, when music wasn’t all about partying, when MDMA wasn’t the answer to all of life’s problems, and when it was ok to write songs about being sad.

Written by Syd Ghan

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