Flowshine – Gets Me Going

Flowshine – Gets Me Going


Gets Me Going, the third release from Canadian psychedelic rock outfit Flowshine, is a fanciful record full of fluttering melodies and forlorn musings. Sometimes it’s great, and other times it gets lost in within its own flagrant facade. Ok, ok I’ll stop, fuck.

But seriously, this record is way catchier than a four-song EP in this style has any right to be. Before you know it, “Strange Imagination” will have you tapping your toes. The subdued conga-line rhythm, the calming tenor of the horns and – especially – the repetition of “Looking back but there’s nothing worth you looking back on, so don’t you” will be the soundtrack inside your head for days after you hear it.

Similarly, the big indie-guitar licks and Weezer-minded chorus of “Blending Blue” make for the perfect summer single, complete with so much sugar you may find yourself with a stomach ache. It also heads off on a particularly blurry tangent, which some will enjoy, and others will tune out.

The thing is that the rest is kind of forgettable. Sure, it’s only two songs, but it’s also half the record, you know? It’s a shame, because the title track does show promise, but it ultimately gets lost inside of its own practiced indifference. The last track tries to get a little darker, and there are some cool moments, but it ultimately lands with a thud instead of a cackle.

The production on this record hits the lo-fi nail on the head, though. The whole thing blends together seamlessly in a haze that makes it perfect for summers in the park, but maybe only a little later on in the afternoon when the larger crowd has died down and the ones who remain are high on life, ready to dance, and throw the Frisbee into the wee hours of the morning.

Written by Syd Ghan
*edited by Mike Milito

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Syd Ghan is a Montreal media man, born and bred. After spending his formative years playing music on stages big and small across the city, he transitioned seamlessly into a career as a full-time writer, editor, and content manager. He has reviewed numerous bands both in concert and on record, written for a number of different blogs and online publications, been both a host and featured guest on various local podcasts and radio shows, and has even logged time judging live music competitions. In his spare time, he enjoys engaging in spirited debates over the finer points of pop-rock radio and he’s never met a chicken wing he didn’t like.

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