For the Dead – Requiem: For the Dead EP


Bakersfield, California quintet For the Dead strive to be the next big name in modern metal by taking a page out of the 2000s metalcore playbook. Their debut EP Requiem: For the Dead can be found on any streaming platform, trying to cast their net as wide as possible.

The first track, “The Hunt,” opens with vocalist Logan Morris’ drawn-out high-pitched scream over a symphonic guitar line, a formula that will be repeated at the opening of each following track. It then transitions to a familiar metalcore rhythm, reminiscent of early Avenged Sevenfold (Waking the Fallen era). Morris continues with his aggressive vocals, until the bridge, where he breaks out into spoken word, reciting macabre poetry written by an angsty preteen who just discovered Edgar Allen Poe.

Two minutes into the second track, “Wither and Die,” is where they lose me with the introduction of melodic cleans, imitating the style of Howard Jones (formerly of Killswitch Engage) in a higher register. In previous reviews, I have stated my distaste of the aggressive/clean vocal switchback. It was done to death fifteen years ago, and only a handful of bands were able to pull it off without losing their edge. Unfortunately, the melodic cleans become more prominent for here on out, therefore it’s best just to accept it as it is, and instead concentrate on the impressive guitarmonies of Michael Agarano and Randy Calderon.

On the final track “Execution of Will,” a portion of the vocal melody on the chorus suspiciously sounds like it was ripped straight from Elton John’s “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from the Lion King, though with much more depressing lyrics.

So, would I consider this band talented? Yes, but definitely not innovative. It’s something I’ve heard a million times before, and I was never a fan of the subgenre to begin with. But if you never grew out of the trend, and you’ve disagreed with everything you’ve read so far, instead of sending me angry messages, you can support For the Dead by donating to their GoFundMe for a better rehearsal space. Otherwise, just let them fade into obscurity.

Written by Chris Aitkens
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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Chris Aitkens has been writing about music since the tender age of 16, getting his start writing reviews for Vermont-based zine Verbicide. More than a decade later, he has dedicated his life music. Having graduated from Concordia’s journalism program, he is now working graveyard shifts as a board operator at Virgin Radio, CJAD 800, and occasionally, CHOM. He also hosts his own radio show on CJLO 1690AM called Sewer Spewer, a weekly guide to Montreal’s punk and extreme metal scene. In the little free time that he has, Chris sings in a shitty punk band called Gutser, and from time to time, writes about horror movies for Nightmare On Film Street. None of these ventures have made Chris wealthy at all. In fact, he’s more broke than ever. But it’s all worth the sacrifice to live a life filled with art.


  1. Yeah that’s why they always steal the show! A metal review from a douchebag in a shitty punk band? Seriously? Whatever dude, you like shitty bands anyway wth do you know. Continue not rocking on in your shitty band and I’ll continue listening to For The Dead!

  2. Thanks for the review man, this is Johnny from For The Dead, appreciate the time and consideration putting this together. As for the comments made by the Mark person.. opinions are individual as are a person’s taste in entertainment. No need to bash the reviewer, but we thank you for the support. To Chris once again thank you for the review and keeping it honest and true to your own opinions. By the way.. the teenage poem thing about The Hunt, I take the irony of a song about vampires went right over your head haha. Anyways thank you for your honesty in the review.

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