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Montreal-based Francbâtards have finally released their self-titled full-length album. Playing together since 2009, this local Francophone reggae-rap-ska group has been making sweet sounds at numerous shows and festivals throughout Quebec, notably the festival Nuits d’Afrique, which takes place in Montreal.

This entire album, from front to back, is an example of how versatile and talented these guys are. Displayed is a very clean and upbeat ska sound, meshed with rapping, rock, and even some funk. The opening track “Déracinés Des Hommes” is an opus of political fired-up reggae-rap and incredible guitar solos. Instruments layer this track to the point you want to put down whatever you’re doing and start dancing.

The album does not let up, each track seemingly more aggressive and exciting than the last. It’s almost a shame that the album has to come to an end. Some of the highlights from the album are tracks such as “Rude Boy”, “Mouton Noir”, and “Enragées”. The album needs to be heard in its entirety so the listener can fully enjoy the experience (if you can’t see them live, that is).

I highly recommend this album for anybody interested in reggae, ska, funk, punk, and/or rock… There’s a little taste for everyone here, and it doesn’t take long to absolutely fall in love with this record. The quality of the recording is almost as impressive as the musicianship itself. It is one of the best-produced albums I’ve heard recorded for under $5000.

This album is great, not only for the music, but for the fact that the recording of it was crowd-funded via the website Indiegogo. I am now stuck with the unfortunate task of impatiently awaiting for their sophomore release, which might not happen for awhile… Until then I get to enjoy this record.

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Written by Christopher Siklosi

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