Friday Night Trend is Rolling Out Their New Video Single for “Wasted Youth”

Friday Night Trend is a pop rock act, hailing from Toronto. They are looking forward to the coming summer after a long and brutal winter in Toronto, Canada. This new song is the perfect soundtrack to uninhibited summer nights and a promising sign of things to come. Running, biking, or walking, while the party never stops…Bellwoods Park, Bayfront, streetcars, College Street, Queen Street, all of the neighbourhoods and underpasses…through what seems like the entirety of the city.

My project, Friday Night Trend is my attempt at a personal evolution. It’s also in part the result of working alongside producer/multi-instrumentalist Derek Hoffman at Fox Sounds that’s led me to create more refined lyrical content while still delivering uncompromisingly infectious hooks.” – Reid Soper, Friday Night Trend

If you like indie rock check it out.

**Video production credit due part and parcel to Part and ParcelCollective.



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