The Frozen Flame Tour – Live at Metropolis – January 28th, 2015 – Montreal, QC

Whenever you go see a band that you’ve seen repeatedly, theres always a mix of emotions. Of course, you’re stoked to see them again, hence why you paid your hard earned cash for a ticket. However, at times there’s this dreary sense of expectation where you already know what’s going to happen right down to the setlist, probably because you were a bitch and you checked that shit online. This past Wednesday, the 28th of January, I found myself rather concerned yet again as I settled my very sober ass into the Frozen Flame tour at Montreal’s Metropolis. Turns out my sober ass was wrong to be worried.

As usual, I suck at being on time for things. This time, however, I seriously don’t have a good excuse, so here are my sincerest apologies to Erra of Birmingham, Alabama for missing their set. After a courtesy listen, these dudes are heavy as balls. Picture All Shall Perish and Saosin having a baby. Don’t picture the sex part – that would probably scare you, but the baby is pretty fuckin’ cool. Give that shit a listen.

Now, admittedly, the following band is half of the reason I even went to this show. From Dallas, Texas, Fit for a King is no stranger to my words of criticism, thus a wee bit of detail is required. In comparison to their recent review (see Eternal Enemies tour), the sound quality was absolutely night and day. Assuming that language barriers were put aside on this occasion, everything seemed significantly more level, however, for such a full and robust sounding band, there definitetly could have been an adjustment yet again for the guitars. With that being said, although I’m absolutely a die-hard fan of FFAK, I wholely and honeslty believe that a rhythm guitarist should be brought into the fray. No matter how perfect you mix live, there will never be a suitable RECORDED replacement for a second guitar layer. Nonetheless, their set ended and I was still smiling.

Up next, hailing from quite literaly the otherside of the world, we of the Great White North got to witness the return of Northlane , from fucking Sydney, goddamn Australia. To give you the ignorant reader a bit of a backround story, Northlane recently had a singer switch out. After some mild radio silence, the new single “Rot” hit the airwaves, leaving one question: Can the new singer do it live? Now, before addressing that, I wanna say that although Northlane is an incredible act, they do unfortunately lack live for one essential reason: SYNTH! You see, how it works with bands whom decide to include funky sounds and shit, is they keep it pre-recorded on a little laptop, and keep that playing on an in-ear monitor so that you and your mates can play along to it. Cool, right?!? Not if you can’t seem to keep time! These dudes are as awesome as can be, but when you rely too much on technological accoutrements, its apparently far too easy to lose time. With that said, new frontman Marcus Bridge absolutely fuckin’ killed it. A change in voice can always either make or break a band and Bridge sincerely brings a beautiful sense of originality to both the new and existing material.

Following through is another long anticipated return of teen heart throb metalcore act, Miss May I, from Troy, Ohio. As per usual, it wouldn’t be a teen scene metalcore tour if there wasn’t at least one band that I can’t stand, so I’ll get my shit out of the way quick. I don’t like Miss May I. I have my reasons, but to spite this, I do have to say that they played a perfectly tight set. The mixing was spot on, their guitar work was good and chunky, drums were full and on point, and vocal range was exactly as it should be. Furthermore, depsite my own opinion, the crowd absolutely ate that shit up. So, hats off boys… You really did kill it.

Every time you see a band, one of two things is going to happen; you’ll either walk around saying this was the best set they’ve ever played, or you’re just going to be disappointed. August Burns Red, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is not in the habit to disappoint. Getting the usual analytics out of the way, the live mix was probably one of the most flawless displays I’ve gotten to hear in quite some time. Everything was spot on, and every member looked like it was first day of tour. I know that I typically exaggerate, but this set was nearly tear-worthy. Now, to get something off my chest because I’m a selfish fuck like that – a typical problem with bands who have been around as long as ABR have is that they go and ignore an older release for whatever reason. None of ABR’s material from their first release Thrill Seeker has even been considered in at least the last two record release runs. Go ahead and imagine me screaming like a little girl when singer Jake Luhrs announced “The Seventh Trumpet.” Moral being, never forget your roots, boys and girls. First record to last, a release is a release, and there will always be somebody that wants to hear it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve still gotta try and get the “excitement” of “The Seventh Trumpet” being played washed outta my jeans…

Written by Jason Greenberg

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