The Gentlemen Thieves – Uncertainties

The Gentlemen Thieves are back with their new full-length album, Uncertainties. After almost three years since the release of their EP, the boys have crafted a great pop-punk release with all the toe-tapping riffs and lyrics that will keep you wanting more. With Sum 41 guitarist Dave ‘Brownsound’ Baksh producing this record, I feel like while listening to the album, I’ve been put inside a time machine and sent back to late 90s/early 2000s.

The album starts with the track “Don’t Worry” and sets the tone for the rest of the CD with high-energy pop-punk, very reminiscent of one of my favourite bands, Gob. The town doesn’t slow down until the track “Caught Your Eye”, which gives us a nice little break from the relentless power chord riffs. However, before you know it, you’ve been thrown back into a more fast-paced pop-punk with tracks like “Figure Out”, “Comatose Party”, and even a ska-punk influenced “Please Tell Me Off”. The album finishes with the unrequited love ballad “Capsize”, which leaves a nice taste in your mouth, a good send off to the listeners.

Some of songs on this album are harder both vocally and instrumentally, but also have melodic parts and catchy lyrics, making it digestible for a much larger crowd of people. My personal favorite tracks on this album are “Don’t Worry”, “Fading Echo”, “Comatose Party”, and “Sick of Me”.

The thing that made me love this album is the fact I can hear definite influences from some of my favourite bands like Gob, Flatliners, and Flashlight Brown, which gives me a very big nostalgia trip when I’m listening. However, don’t be fooled! The Gentlemen Thieves have a sound completely their own.

I would also like to mention this album was funded using Indiegogo, a website through which music projects are financially supported by believers and fans of the project. It is always nice to see a band doing it themselves and getting their fans involved.

Written by Christohper Siklosi

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