Ghostblood – Honey, I Raised the Dead

Ghostblood - Honey I Raised The Dead


Often times, metal albums lose themselves in their image. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a good image, especially when it links to the occult, but sometimes the music loses its importance when a band’s appearance takes more space. What we get with Ghostblood and their hilariously titled album, Honey, I Raised The Dead, is a bunch of guys with a clear image, but who twist it in a horror/comedy type way. Not only does it make the album appealing, but the music is up to par.

This album is a great example of thrash that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still gives the fans what they want. Song titles are comical, with tracks such as “Dawn of the Drunk” and “M.O.T.O.R.G.H.O.S.T. (Mutant Operative Tactical Overland Raiders Ghostly Heavy Ordnance Strike Team).” You’d think that you would be getting into some light comical metal, but no. What you get instead is Slayer on laughing gas. You can definitely hear the Slayer influences on this music, from the rhythm to the high pitched scream on the track “Necroplasm,” which is almost identical to the scream in Slayer’s “Angel of death.” I wouldn’t say I heard anything new in this album, but I was definitely entertained while listening to it. When artists enjoy the music they play, you can hear it in a performance, even on a recorded album

I also have to mention the layout of the album: Songs are short, but there are 11 tracks. For thrash, this is something I’ve always appreciated. It’s easier to listen to and makes the experience more memorable. My favourite track on the album is “Bleeding Frenzy (In Space),” which is basically about killer sharks… in space. The lyrics are violent (so is the song) but just imagining the creation process of this track made me like it even more. It also contains some incredible vocals by singer and bassist Adam and a maddening solo by guitarist Arlo. The entire album is maddening actually; it’s fast, heavy, and never stops. Excluding the introductory track, there isn’t a calm moment on this album, which makes you appreciate drummer Dave’s cardio.  As I said before, the album loses some points for lack of original sound, but the entire presentation, be it the music, cover art, titles, and lyrics make this an enjoyable gore ride.

I enjoyed this album and might even consider blasting it in my car, a time usually reserved for my favourites. It’s a fun album that presents a not too serious image but totally fries your brain with its electric power. This is a band I would definitely enjoy seeing live. Some good old thrash with a little bit of ghost and a lot of blood added to the mix! Self-released on April 20th of this year, Ghostblood is a must for anyone looking for a familiar sound, but with some wacky extras!

Written by Johnathan Robinson
*edited by Mike Milito

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