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TAKE is the debut full-length from Toronto alternative rock band girlongirl. Just shy of half an hour, TAKE is ten tracks of hard-edged, really, really catchy indie rock. Instrumentally, girlongirl has some decent riffs and drum work across the album without delving into any real musical masturbation and, vocally, the band strikes a great balance of harsh and melodic. If you’re a fan of bands in the same sphere as The Weakerthans, Superchunk, or Samiam, girlongirl need to be on your radar.

TAKE starts off with its name sake, an absolute banger of a mid-tempo, lo-fi-adjacent indie tune. The heavy drums and fuzzed out guitar are immediately ear-catching while the bass noodling underneath a lot of the vocals throughout the first and second verse add a cool, natural sounding warble to the song. Some other highlights of the album are ultra-pop songs “Girls” and “Nen,” and two of the more sombre tracks on the album, “Burn Me” and “Manson.” girlongirl don’t stray too far from their indie/garage rock foundation, but they manage to remain interesting in wherever they choose to take a song.

There are no real duds on this album, but there are some less-than-stellar tracks. The first half of “Rosebush” feels like a lesser version of “Take” before eventually morphing into a more unique tune. “Write That” is another track that doesn’t do a whole heck of a lot for me. It’s definitely more atmospheric than the remainder of the album, but I don’t feel like the spaced out instrumental was interesting enough to carry the song to the four-minute mark. To be clear, neither “Rosebush” or “Write That” are bad songs, but, with how solid the remainder of TAKE is, they feel like a step down.

Let’s wrap things up; I’m starting to ramble, and my word processer has crashed four times since I started writing this (EDIT: make that five). TAKE is a really fucking good album and you should go and listen to it right now. Considering that this is the band’s first full-length and that even their lesser songs are worth a listen, I’m excited to see where girlongirl take things from here.

Written by Justin Bruce
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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Justin is a Saskatoon-based musician with a degree from the University of Saskatchewan where he studied medieval and modern English. These days, he can usually be found behind the stack of comic books he’s trying to keep up with. Justin has been playing music since his early teens and has made 10’s of dollars from it in the years since. An enthusiastic packrat, his prized possession is a vinyl copy of Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag.” Justin snores really loud if he’s been drinking and thought that Revenge of the Sith was actually a pretty sweet movie. You can hear Justin in Swayze, here:, and A Ghost in Drag, here:, and you will occasionally see him and his bandmates playing Beerio Kart on tour.

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