Girls Can Kick Your Ass 2 – Live at Katacombes – April 11th, 2014 – Montreal, Quebec

Girls can kick your ass2 - April 11, 2014 - Montreal, Quebec

Spring was in the air and what better way to celebrate it than to go to a show filled with dirty punk rock and metal…with hot chicks in the bands? The whole motivation for the night was to display local Montreal bands with a female member to prove chicks can play music too… and kick some ass.

First band up was the mysterious Les Bottes à Cap. The reason I say ‘mysterious’ is because I can’t find anything online about these guys, which really sucks because they were one of my favourite bands of the evening. The vocalist/bassist was so strong on the bass; he played as good as some legends like Flea or Les Claypool. The female drummer was extremely technical and focused, and held the band together well. They are a three-piece group, a mix of punk, rock ‘n’ roll, and metal. They reminded me so much of The Descendents. I hope they find this review and find me and send me more music to share with the world.

Last Jam – Photo by Shelle MacPherson

Second band up was Last Jam, and their special female of the evening was bassist, Mé. I was a little thrown off by Karl Bedaard’s mini-guitar solo that started off the set, as it was completely out of tune/sync. The first track began, and the band’s hardcore-influenced sound filled the room. Jeremy Boleyn has a decent voice, and I dug his stage presence, however, the rest of the band was pretty statuesque on stage; hardly any movement, which made for a boring performance. Mé was pretty good in her lines and she was heard well,  but I felt most of the songs sounded generic and pretty much the same.

Head Case – Photo by Shelle MacPherson

Third band up was Head Case, fronted by their special female, Bianca. This little, pink-haired punk rocker had a raspy, scream-y voice that I dug. The band name works for them as their music is loud, raw, and can be therapeutic if you are in fact, a head case. The sound was pretty basic and didn’t really stand out to me, but Bianca’s voice made the sound more original. As a frontwoman, she got the crowd thrashing, which was what I had been waiting for. Katacombes was mostlyempty during this time, but she brought up the energy in the crowd, so I think they’ll do well with this chick fronting them.

The Bombs – Photo by Maria Dokuchaeva

The Bombs
were up next, and as soon as I saw them setting up on stage, I immediately was reminded of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, and The Runaways as they were sporting haircuts similar to Joan Jett in the 80s, wearing lots of leather. When they began playing, my comparison stood its ground; were fierce and really fun to watch, but I think if they want to make it in the biz, they need to come up with something more original. Maripier Lariviere was a fantastic frontwoman, and I have nothing negative to say about the music itself. She was sexy, she moved around and danced around, interacted with the crowd by screaming “Let’s fuck’n rock!”  and her voice was fucking bad ass— she held her notes, and sounded similar to, of course, Cherie Currie. Lead guitarist, Wax Fromhell (only man in the band), saved the band with his guitar solos and riffs. He was interesting to watch, and probably the most talented musician of the evening. Fanny Courty stood out to me on drums as well; she was high-energy and played steady without one off-beat.

Murder the Elite – Photo by Maria Dokuchaeva

Crust metal band, Murder the Elite was up next. The place was starting to get more packed at this point, and it seemed like they had some fans in the crowd. Murder the Elite was fucking SICK. I am not the biggest crust metal fan, but holy shit, can this chick sing. Marie-Eve held her notes so damn long, and it seemed like it was no trouble for her. Her screeching, high-pitched voice totally caught my attention, and when Chouin sang along with her while he played deep bass lines, it went so perfectly together. Kate’s drumming was pretty simple, as a lot of the tracks they played were doomy/dark and slow-paced with some groovy guitar riffs. The crowd had a very positive reaction to their performance, and a thrash pit broke out. “Blood Rain” is available to listen to online here.

Retardnation – Photo by Maria Dokuchaeva

came up next, and I was getting restless at this point because their sound check seemed to take forever.  I gave these guys a listen prior to the show, and was stoked to check them out. The set started out with “Human Disease,” a track that consists of the brutally scary, death metal sound they create. Fronted by Amélie, she held herself well and she sounded extremely crisp on stage. A grindcore/brutal death metal band having been together since 2008, they produced two EPs in 2013, Tortured by Death and Industry of Pain. Some of their influences are Napalm Death and Wormrot.

Sadly, I had to run out, missing the last band of the evening, Bludgeoned. Being a big fan of thrashy, stoner rock, I really wanted to catch them, but if you’re in Montreal, you can catch these guys (and gal) playing regularly at Deathouse. Bludgeoned are from Montreal and have been together since 2009, and consider themselves to be more of a doom/thrash metal band. Some of their influences include Black Flag and Circle Jerks.

Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography by Maria Dokuchaeva 
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