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Glasir is a post-rock trio from Dallas, Texas that meshes elements of ambient, post-rock, and doom. Their newest EP Unborn, brings together three epic instrumental tracks that are available here.

Unborn begins with a fade-in that brought me back to a scene from The Dark Knight. Sounding slightly orchestral, the droning notes are joined by what sounds like a hand drum beating on the quarter notes, followed by a descending, clean guitar riff mirrored by a subtle bass line. Slowly, cymbals are brought into the mix as the kick drum is heard, displaying this band’s ability to create hypnotizing crescendos. When the song reaches its apex in sound, the guitars and bass are enormous, and the overall layering of instruments reminds me of a shoegaze-type wall of sound. Not long after this, the bass gets its moment to shine as the guitar takes a break, showcasing the fuzzy beauty of a deep, full-sounding bass. If you’re a fan of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, I definitely recommend you check this band out. Entitled “Precipice,” the first track of this EP keeps the same pattern throughout, and is a great opener to this ambient, heavy post-rock doom sound.

Glasir‘s guitarist, Conner, likes reverb. “Until We Dissolve” starts with a sweet sounding guitar line that brought forth a gorgeous reverberation effect, conjuring memories of David Gilmour‘s sound. About a minute into the song the bass and drums jump in, carrying this song forward and filling in the sound. This is what ambient music is: long intros, repeating music patterns, and an overall emphasis on the instrument’s tone rather than song structure. As the song intensifies the bass and drums are suddenly pulled, leaving the clean guitar on it’s own, until a sizzly lead guitar bends the track into a heavy, overdriven sea of sonic textures. Although there are many effects on the guitars and bass, the song retains a certain clarity, highlighting a skilled production that helps to make Unborn‘s sound huge.

The last track on this EP, titled “Into the Void,” begins with an immediate assault from an overdriven and reverb-drenched guitar, quickly joined by frenetic drumming and a hurried bass line delivered by Nate. This is followed by a thumping breakdown, giving way to a clean guitar strumming the song’s chords, accompanied by delicate-sounding drums courtesy of Austin. The heaviness returns not long after to end the song, which terminates with the guitar and bass feedback. This song sounds like a metropolis crumbling to the ground, like civilisation getting ripped apart and dragged into the ocean. At times, I did miss the storytelling aspect of vocals in the music, but that’s just personal preference. Glasir has produced a great ambient doom, post-rock effort with Unborn, and with their kind of sound, I would definitely see them supplying the soundtrack to a film.

Written by Dave Tone
*edited by Kate Erickson

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Lucky enough to be born into a musical family, Dave took piano lessons until he turned eleven and picked up a guitar. Having played in a bunch of musical projects in and around Gatineau, he moved to Montreal to pursue a life in music. He enjoys busking in the Montreal subway, singing songs by Sam Roberts, QotSA, Beck, Mutemath, Kasabian, Big Sugar and les Colocs, among others. His band, Diamond Tree, has released an EP, and plays in and around Montreal. Dave has traveled to British Columbia, France, the United States, Cuba, Kenya, Mozambique, and South Africa. His favorite sport is Air Hockey and yes, he'll have another beer, thank you.

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