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I pride myself in being open to all sorts of music. Whenever a friend wants to show me their tunes, I always say yes. There is no music that I hate, because all music is art and art is awesome. That being said, there is music that I dislike or don’t connect with. Even then, I try and look for the positive in everything. Annihilator by Gloom Influx is a strange EP, with four tracks. One of them is the original and the other three are remixes of the same song. I find myself with the challenge of interpreting electronic music, wish me luck.

I cannot lie and say I enjoyed this album, even if it is heavy metal inspired. And it isn’t even because I am not a fan of the genre, but because the EP doesn’t have much to offer. Imagine if Black Sabbath released an EP with four songs. First song is an original, and the other three are covers. Unless you’re a die-hard Sabbath fan, you’re not going to buy that EP. My point is Annihilator won’t be the one to attract the masses. For those who would buy it, you’d get four tracks that flow the same, with some added effect and sounds for a little variation. The original track is good as an 80s action flick soundtrack, but other than that it kind of feels uneventful. This might be the sort of music you could find in an old 8-bit videogame.

It might be because I don’t get off by this sort of music, but I’m generally good at staying biased. Usually, if I can’t see myself jamming out to a tune I, at least, try to envision people dancing to the music and honestly I had a hard time doing either with these songs. I have to say though, I had a good laugh with the last one: “The Toilet—Annihilator (The Toilet Remix).” I guess it tries to be brutal, with growls and demonic like screams, but it just sounds messy.

As usual, don’t turn this off without giving it a try. This has been my honest feeling, but hey, you might really find something you enjoy in this music. And, I always assume that the artist put work into this. Anyone who has the balls to release music, has my respect, even if said music isn’t my cup of tea.

Written by Johnathan Robinson
*edited by Danielle Kenedy

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