Gob – Live at Fitzy’s – July 11, 2014 – Barrie, Ontario

Gob & The Socials - July 11, 2014 - Barrie, Ontario

How long has it been since you’ve seen Gob? Before Saturday, it had almost been ten years for me. There are few things that will get me up to Barrie, and Gob is one of them. The lineup aside from Gob was nothing to sneeze at either The Socials are always exciting, and Re-runs of Maury can get out of hand as all you daytime TV fans will surely know.

The set-up for the show was a different feel than usual at Fitzy’s. We arrived to see local singer/guitarist Ryan James playing acoustic covers out on the patio. I think the whole patio joined in on his closer, “Beer” by Reel Big Fish.

The Socials

Re-runs of Maury are another reason to come to Barrie. Due to time restraints, they started the set without their bassist, but pulled it off well. These young guys played an intense half hour of infectious pop-punk– I think the drummer broke as many sticks as songs played. For the last two songs, they brought out an extremely talented fiddle player, Ben Sirious. I remember their first show and they have progressed from kids to a band to contend with in a very short time. I would keep my ears open for these guys.

After the set, I was pleasantly surprised to see another acoustic act on the patio. These guys went by the name Trust the Night. They were harder to hear due to the full patio and rich conversation. But we at least paid attention and sang along with Nofx’s “Bob,” which they closed with.

The Socials

Next was Barrie favorites, The Socials. I never tire of hearing their melodic punk rock sound. Not just a great sound they are fun to watch too, from singer/guitarist Noah’s expressions to drummer Shawn’s fills and rolls. The great part about this band is that all the talents seem to be showcased from the solos to the basslines. They played older tunes like “Interstate Mixtape” and newer tunes like “All Because of You,” closing with the anthematic “Fit for a Poet.” These guys have a dramatic sound and are fans of the build-up, definitely an act worth seeing.


Talk about worth seeing, did I mention Gob? From their memorable lyrics to Theo’s faces, these guys are a welcome blast from my past. They blew the roof off the place, rocking older tunes like “You’re Too Cool” and “Custer’s Last One Night Stand” from Too Late No Friends, to the new single “Cold” from the upcoming release Apt 13. The crowd didn’t need any encouragement to move. People went up surfing and came down hard, beers were smashed, kids skanked their asses off. Gob rocked songs like “Beauville” and “Reign On Your Parade” from How Far Shallow Takes You. It really brought me back to when I first went to shows and I was the guy slipping in beer and going face first in the pit. Everybody joined in with “Oh! Ellen” and “For the Moment.”


Gob rocked the set as if it were ten years ago, even if an audience member kept trying to use the mic stand to help herself up. The stand meant to hold up the microphone, not a person’s body weight, that’s how a singer loses his teeth. It was a great set even with a little tooth-loss. They closed with the Stones cover, “Paint it Black” and of course, “I Hear You Calling” and “Soda,” with the entire bar singing along.


Written by Jarod Semple
Photography by Sarah Semple
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