Guidestones with Hello Holiday, Oh Malo, and Golden Python – Live at L’Escogriffe – October 29th, 2016 – Montreal, QC

Golden Python

First of all, I want to congratulate Wild Wolf Productions for pulling off a great show with a great line-up.  Even in one of the most horribly lit venues I’ve ever seen, the four bands made up for it with their performances. Playing all night in that pain-in-the-ass red lighting made all the photographer’s nights a living hell. Along with a full house, there must have been four or five people in that tiny L’Escogriffe Bar running around either trying to shoot for Bucketlist, filming for a music video, or taking pictures of their family members playing that night. Needless to say, it was a tight squeeze moving around inside. It was so tight that I remember trying to get underneath one of the mics for a picture and kicking the mic stand, temporarily knocking the mic a good foot or two from the singer’s face. No worries though; in seconds the mic rocked back into place, and the show went on. Big apology to Brandon Hafetz for that.

For Halloween weekend, I expected to see some costumes and some wild make up. I don’t remember seeing a single person dressed up for this awesome show, which made me totally forget it was Halloween. There were some other interesting moments in the crowd; for instance, there were two geniuses arguing about whether the guitar player and drummer from Guidestones were brothers or even close to related. My girlfriend had to put an end to their argument by telling them that in fact they are twins. The look on their faces was priceless.


The first to hit the stage was Golden Python, probably one of the friendliest groups of guys I’ve seen. I didn’t get a chance to meet any of them, but I remember seeing them go around before the show, introducing themselves and striking up little conversations with members of the other bands playing that night. Being the polite and friendly band they were, they visually confused me a bit during their set when their vocalist came on stage wearing ear muffs on his forehead and what seemed to be a garbage bag tied around his waist. Who knows? Maybe he was getting a head cold. After I got past his look, I started to get into the music- it was a great set they put on for us, which I quite enjoyed. The only thing I’d say that set them apart from the other three bands was their vocals…they could use some improvement there.

The second and third bands to hit the stage were Hello Holiday out of Sudbury Ontario and Oh Malo out of Boston, Massachusetts. I don’t have much to say about them besides, “WOW! Vocals on point!” These two groups can play! If I’m ever in their area or if they come back to Montreal, I’d gladly dish out money to see these guys. For two bands from out of town, they really packed that place with bodies. These two bands and the headliner all belonged in a bigger venue. The crowd was awesome and full of energy, but energy needs to move and get burned off. I felt like I was in a crowd of little firecrackers about to blow if they didn’t get some air or space to move around.

Last and certainly not least, the headliner of the show Guidestones. What can I say about this band? I’ve only seen them play a few times, from a tiny bar in St-Henri to a huge festival in the Old Port. These guys (and girl) can, and always do, bring it. Wherever they go, they fill the place! They’ve got a nice group of followers consisting of old high school buddies and long-time friends, family members, and new and old fans. Since the minute I stepped into the bar I was pumped to see them on stage again. Playing fan favourites like “Hotline” (which is featured in their new music video) and their own Bryan Adams tribute “Holy Grail,” they really blew the roof off the place. If you’re ever looking for a great show, or just simply looking to scope out some new talent, go check this group out. A perfect opportunity is coming up on November 19th, as I got word that they’re playing a free show, opening for a Coldplay cover band at Club Soda.

It was a great show for all four bands. I’m looking forward to catching you all again sometime soon!

Written and Photographed by Danny Donovan
*edited by Kate Erickson
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