Gutser with Dizastra, Lionsault, and Black Swan Theory – Live at Piranha Bar – July 8th, 2016 – Montreal QC

So, once again. It’s a show at Piranha Bar.

Black Swan Theory

The first band up was Black Swan Theory. Jesus. Fucking. Christ. They killed it. There were maybe ten people in the audience, yet the band didn’t care. They moved, and by their third song I don’t think there was an inch of space left untouched. Big props go out to Benjamin. Even while rocking a solo, he was throwing his guitar around his body. He looked like a lumberjack, as if he’d have been more comfortable chopping trees with all his movements. Meanwhile, Daphne sang her goddamn guts out. I will say, her melodies were somewhat boring, but her stage presence was anything but. She was on key, she was tight, and she rocked. My only beef was with the bassist, André. I couldn’t hear him in the mix. Turn that shit up, son!

They played their staples, and then a new song, “I’m So Sorry.” That track rocked my socks off. It was metal meets pop country, and although it sounds shitty, it ain’t.


Now, the second band, Lionsault, fucking killed it. They stole the night. Hailing from Miramichi, New Brunswick, the group was finishing their tour. God. Fucking. Damn. What more can I say? Want more? Here it goes. It was AC/DC meets good music. They played a solid mix of blues and rock and I could not stop dancing. Big props go to Kortni; her pipes could put a church organ to shame. She wasn’t always on key, but live, you’d never notice. Her growls and high squeals made me bleed out all the beer I’d managed to drink that evening. Wanna know what was always on key, though? The harmonies. I clapped until my hands were sore. Seriously. My hands looked sunburnt after their show.

Lionsault played “Sick as it Gets” and “Light It Up” and, while those have already been released, they’ll have a new music video coming up soon. Also, did I mention that their drummer, Chase, was rocking a 24’ ride? Seriously, dude, what the fuck? I don’t have a 24’ anything, yet you destroyed it. Oh, and did I mention that they’ve got a new music video coming out soon? I’m gonna be the first click online for them!


Third band on the bill were Dizastra. They were a mix of hardcore punk/black metal. It’s a Tragedy that Jesse Gainer wasn’t here to review the show, it would’ve been his wet dream. He would have lost his shit. While the crowd was non-existent before hand, the audience showed up in force for this band. It was weird. Where did they all hide before? But, there was an equal mix of girls and guys when they hit the stage; that is always something I can get behind.

At the start of their show, the band adopted the power stance, except for singer, Matteo. He walked around the stage like it was a matter of respect. I felt that this would be a reoccurring theme. How wrong I was? By the second tune, hair was flying and metal was reigning supreme. It was like Death threw back Chuck Schuldiner to slay me. I’d love to make comments on their musicianship, but I can’t. Their entire set was a wall of sound that came at me harder and faster, and deadlier with each song they played. It was an invasion by Venom. Mosh pits were a go. Change-ups were a go. Everything loud and in-your-face was a go for this band. My only criticism is if you’re gonna have three singers, don’t make them all sound alike.


Last, but certainly, not least, were Gutser. They hit the stage with a ferocious attack that would leave G.G. Allin rolling in his grave. It was Anal Cunt meets Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Their singer, Christ, threw himself around the stage in a biohazard suit that made it tough for me to breathe just looking at him. But, that’s unfair. Their whole band made it hard to breathe. They cavorted and danced to the five of us that stuck around in the crowd. I will say that they were sloppy as all hell.

Gutser were super out of tune. If you’d have heard a recording of that band, that night, you’d have thought they’d sucked. Not true. If you’d had of been there, which I know you weren’t because there was only five of us in the audience, you’d have fallen in love. All that sloppy was met with charm. All their unhinged melodies were met with unabashed, balls to the wall energy. For a tiny crowd, it was the best way to end a night.

Shame on you, Montreal, for missing everyone one of these bands.

Written by Aaron Deck
Photography by Thomas Gentil
*edited by Danielle Kenedy
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