Hadi Adel – Monotask

I’m going to try a different approach for this review on Montreal trip hop artist Hadi Adel… The demos consist simply of Side A and Side B, and flow in a steady stream, so going with that theme, I’m hitting play and I’ll see what my mind leads my fingertips to type…


I’m picturing myself in a spaceship with the atmospheric fades right off the bat. Some spoken vocal samples begin to blend in with a chill beat creating a great vibe… Now curious to see where this voyage is going…

At 1:54, the effects added have me wondering if something’s wrong with my speakers. It makes my ears feel funny, in such a way that I think I could probably appreciate it more if I was on ‘shrooms or something… It’s a bit much for me (or perhaps it’s just the vacuum of space between my ears, nuknuk). The effects are soon rendered subtle into the background, and the chill beats come back to conquer.

A nice bass sneaks in around 6:57, bringing me into a new world with funky beats. The samples here contain some laughter, which adds a neat dimension. Hitting the 9:50 mark, I’m lured into a steady, sexy beat that has my mind wandering in thought…but I must not get lost in this space, or this review could turn into a Penthouse forum letter, haha. Thankfully, it’s now taking on a different form of life with some spring-sounding effects on the samples, breaking the tension.

As Side A comes to an end, the mix gets me nostalgic for 80s Duran Duran, with the twinkly sounds added into the mix. His music thus far would be lovely in a lounge setting, no doubt, and I wouldn’t mind a scotch on the rocks to go with it.


I’m in a spaceship again.

With a slow and engaging start, I’m amused by the samples he’s using. I can’t quite put my finger on the sources, but they are of comedic nature, and it’s a nice contrast. Digging the bass that comes in at 2:45, then, alterations in beats, touches of piano, and the samples, blend it all into a catchy uniform bit. Once again, I get lost in it until some bongo beats start up around the 6:53 mark. I don’t know about you, but I love me some bongo, so kudos on that one!

Then it transitions nicely back into a groovy mix, and I’m simply enjoying the ride. It’s quite relaxing, I must say. The mix then progresses into a sound I can picture being used for a movie heist scene, which is cool. Minutes later around 13:01, the beats pick up noticeably, which is a very nice twist. The rest of the ride is smooth, and ends smooth.

As a whole, it’s a great blend, consistent as well. While I can’t say this would pop out at me at a lounge or club kind of thing, it is definitely something I enjoyed listening to. I would recommend it for folks who appreciate a large, atmospheric sound, but toned down, or to stir up creativity if you need some background music. You won’t find complex lyrics and sounds here, it’s pretty straight forward. I think many would appreciate the simplicity. From what I’ve heard, I reckon he can boldly go where no man has gone before as he progresses in this mission of sound. I encourage you to take a journey for yourself.

Written by Angie Radczenko

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