Heavy Montreal present Gorguts with Teramobil & Hybreed Chaos – Live at Coop Katacombes – August 6th, 2015 – Montreal, QC

Gorguts & Guests – Aug. 6th, 2015 – Montreal, QC

As if I wasn’t stoked enough for Saturday’s Heavy Montreal, Thursday’s gig (brought to us by Greenland Productions and Grimposium) at COOP Katacombes stoked my timbers into a bonfire, man….and I wasn’t alone.

We arrived to see a stressed-out staff that was busy turning folks away as the show was sold-out, which is understandable since Gorguts has been around for over a decade, and people were hungry for a fix! This death metal technical act has spurred inspiration for bands like Neuraxis and Cryptopsy to name a few (Note: recently some members from those bands have joined to create a hybrid called Akurion – just thought I’d mention that if ya didn’t hear.) I was looking forward to seeing Gorguts, as I haven’t seen them live since I was in my early twenties when they were just starting to shred the surface. Props to the staff for helping me get in without a hassle and who gave me a smile despite the hectic entrance!

1 Hybreed Chaos (3)
Hybreed Chaos

Entering a jam-packed floor, Montréal’s Hybreed Chaos had already hit the stage. I dig their name, as I’m guessing it’s a clever way to say “I breed chaos” – which they did, at any rate! Opening with “A Machine For Pigs,” the frenzy began. The band features Franck Camus on guitar, François Dextradeur on bass, and drummer Sébastien Côté pounding the skins. Vocalist François Toutée stole my attention, and was fun to watch as he went into a death-metal trance, screaming and windmilling when his vocal duty ceased; great squeals outta this guy. At some points he belted vocals into the air sans mic, and was great with the crowd, who replied by going nuts thrashing in the audience. Their set was made up of tracks from their first album Dying Dogma, with the exception of “Proletherion” which is a new song. Also worth mentioning was the track “Dismembered Purity” featuring Laurent Bellemare from Basalte. The video for this track is great.  I recommend checking these cats out if you dig death metal, and especially so if you crave a more old-school sound.

2 Teramobil (9)

Next up, serving the hungry n’ rowdy crowd, was another local act Teramobil, an experimental metal and mathcore band, interesting to me since the mathcore genre is a new one to me. (I dig that, yeah science!) Featuring seasoned members currently or formerly playing in other well-known bands, they’re made up of Dominic ‘Forest’ Lapointe (Augury, Beyond Creation) on a five-string fretless bass, Mathieu Bérubé (Unhuman) shredding his skin on guitar, and Alexandre Dupras (also from Unhuman, and The Plasmarifle) adding his drum-smashing skills, these guys were somethin’ else man. One word: faaaaaaast! I love the mind-fuck they generated between my ears between the awesome bass sound, killer riffs, and drums that went along like gravy. Seemingly all over the place, these guys were tight with insane riffs between both instruments, and I loved that they were instrumental – makes one appreciate the technicality of this genre of music more. Sadly, between getting sucked into the music and navigating the mosh, I didn’t catch many of the song titles (I believe one was titled “Pepe”), but at any rate, these guys are something to be seen and heard, so just go and check them out. Here’s their video for “Multispectral Supercontinuum,” which is fun as hell to watch!

3 Gorguts (12)

Next there came Gorguts, the band we were all waiting to see, and they did not disappoint. The thrashing dialled up to 11, and rightfully so! In terms of sound, these guys haven’t aged a bit. Their set ended past 12:30a.m., and they were headed off to play Heavy Montreal the next day in the early afternoon –  gotta give them a ‘hats off’ for their passion to play! Though their presence was somewhat subdued, their music spoke for itself; the crowd was too busy moshing to the energy put out by vocalist/lead guitarist Luc Lemay and company to care. Of course, the staple track “Obscura” was played, and their technical skills shone though in each track. From what I heard they were most excellent at Heavy Montreal the next day, which shows this a band not to be missed if you appreciate technical extreme metal. By the end of their set I was pooped, but energized.

Goddamn this was a great show; I don’t know what else to add except that I fucking love this town’s metal talent! Finally, a shout out to the fans there, and the kind strangers that let me snag a spot to shoot a bit of photos, or who watched my back from getting knocked (which I don’t mind, having been in more moshes than I can count hehe!), I was trying not be an ass and block folks best I can, so thank you for being the best.

Written and Photographed by Angie Radczenko
*edited by Kate Erickson
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