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It hasn’t even been a full year since the birth of MUTANK, and already, the amount of success these guys have gained is quite impressive. They created their own genre, known as Middle East Coast Heavy Metal, which also happens to be the album title of their first, full-length album (M.E.C.H. Metal, for short). They won round two of Montreal’s Wacken Battle Canada, and the band has made a new video for the single, “The Heavy Hand of The Doomsday Clock.”. The band is also planning a Canadian Tour.

It all started in June of 2013. Guitarist Steve-in Breen, and ex guitarist Mike Molloy, were childhood friends and used to skate and1 check out some of Newfoundland’s craziest punk shows as teens. Always having a passion for music, they would jam together and dream of starting a band. They moved to Montreal in 2005, and Molloy introduced Steve-out Reynolds to Breen after mentioning how much of a bad ass bass player he was. Many beers later, they had a ton of new material and felt they were ready to start a band. All they were missing was a drummer.  After heavily searching, they found Ahmed (on meds) Saad. They loved his easy going nature and he killed the rehearsal.

When I asked Breen what made the band decide to call themselves MUTANK, he answered, “There was no real inspiration behind the band name. Me and Steve-out were having fun just texting silly things back and forth for days. I actually wanted to call the band HEINOUS, but Steve-out said it sounded too much like anus!! Haha. Totally right. He texted MUTANK, and a couple days later, (apparently while he was taking a dump) I brought MUTANK back up to him and he was like…” What the hell is that? And MUTANK was officially born.”

Sadly, after jamming for a few months, Molloy had to move back to NFLD, however, he referred them to Liam “Whiskey” Hinchey who also happens to be from NFLD. They were sad to say bye to Mike but as soon as they heard Hinchey play, they knew this was going to work, especially since he has the word “THRASH” tattooed on his arm. All eight songs were already written for M.E.C.H. Metal, but the missing link was Hinchey’s sick guitar solos which they threw on.

Our future plans are to start bringing helmets to our shows because the pits are getting bloodier and bigger. Maybe we should start making MUTANK neck braces to help with all the MUTARD’s hangovers the next day… I think I’m on to something. We have our next album pretty well written. We are just doing some arranging and figuring out lyrics. We’re super busy lately from the buzz online and the buzz from all the beers, but we’re hoping to have it recorded by the end of the summer,” Breen mentioned.

Well, MUTANK, you guys are doing all the right things in my book. I asked a couple of bonus questions to finalize the interview:

What song best describes your personality?

Steve-in:  I Drink Alone – George Thorogood
Ahmed:  To Live Is to Die – Metallica
Whiskey:  Sex and Death – Motörhead
Steve-out:  The Ugly Dude – Uncle Slam

Pick two celebrities to be your parents.

Steve-in:  “Rocky” from the movie Mask, and Dita Von Teese
Ahmed:  James Hetfield and my celebrity mom was eaten by wolves when I was 6 months old
Whiskey:  Indiana Jones and Lee-La Baum
Steve-out:  Alan Moore (the writer) and Leather Leone of Chastain

What is your least favourite thing about humanity?

Steve-in:  Humans.
Ahmed:  Ignorance
Whiskey:  The rich, who have only known a rich life, thus possessing no comprehension of what it is to be without everything they take for granted.
Steve-out:  Marijuana and topless women are illegal

Written by Liz Imperiale
Photography Courtesy of 
Mihaela Petrescu

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