Hellenica – Blood Moon Wolf Head


This album is a damn fine cup of coffee. I’m referencing Twin Peaks here because this album can easily be a soundtrack to a David Lynch flick or perhaps a David Cronenberg film. If you’re a fan of these types of films, then I think you can gather the sound I’m trying to describe here; dark, soothing, ambient and with a sense of doom throughout that I just couldn’t peel my ears away from.

From the first track, “Burning of the Effigies”, to the final track, “Frozen Landscapes”, Hellenica’s album Blood Moon Wolf Head flows so nicely, with each track bleeding its surreal life into the next.  There are some added sounds and occasional chants in places, and they work perfectly. The second track, called “Infraction”, made me freeze at the end. With a slow start, eerie western-sounding guitar plucks fill the air, and the sounds of fireworks creep in towards the end while the guitar plucks become more frenzied. This combination of sounds chilled me to the bone, ergo the freeze. (Or maybe because I got knocked out by a firework shell as a kid, it was bringing back some memories, hehe)

Going back to the flow of this album, it’s beautifully arranged. After reading their process for this album, I appreciate what they did here even more. Essentially, according to their bandcamp page, they Frankenstein’d an album by recording improvised acoustic guitar that were then cut up some more and overlaid onto melodies inspired by these collages. According to the band’s website, “the two worlds of improvisation and orchestration are celebrated here in one meandering flow.”  To boot, they released this album on the Day of the Dead as an offering to the deceased, thus wiggling further into my heart and permanent playlist.

I really dug “Golden Tombs Under The Sea”, which made me think of something you’d hear in a Tarantino flick as an interlude. It is a nice play that refreshes the ears before continuing on into the surreal, yet the track itself, though catchy, still produces a dark vibe… Most excellent.

The album closes with two more offerings, and I find myself bummed when it’s over…I want more, dammit! Either it’s hard to find, or there are not enough bands doing this kind of thing, I’m not sure. If you’re a fan of Earth’s album The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull or Mogwai, you’ll definitely dig this. Although it really is hard to compare, they describe their sound as ambient, instrumental, indie, improvisational, post-rock and Spaghetti Western. Listening to this with a friend, we decided to label it “Spaghetti Western Doom” as it’s not heavy enough to be doom metal, but enough you feel impending doom and perhaps a visit to your local saloon, that happens to be in Twin Peaks.

I see I’m running out of words here, but glad I had the breath left after listening to this album took much of it away to express how delicious it was to my ears! Recommended listening to anyone that can appreciate getting lost in sound, and this is bonus background music if you’re into painting/writing, etc…it helps me write horror, I know that much! Speaking of creating, I’ll leave you with a short film/video made for the track “Monos”; it’s simple and effective with an eerie vibe, complimenting the sound perfectly.

Now, I must go. My logs need me.

Written by Angie Radczenko

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